Running a lead generation agency is hard work. I know, you know, and your VAs & SDRs definitely know it. Lucky for us, there are plenty of tools out there that are built to make our lives easier.


During my years of running a lead gen agency I’ve used most of these and I can definitely tell they’re worth exploring. So if you’re looking to run more streamlined operations at your agency, keep reading.


O and yes, I’ve saved the best one for last…


AI Lead Generation Tools & More


1. Zapier


Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first. It’s hard to believe that anyone who’s in sales or marketing isn’t racking up an unhealthy Zapier bill every month.


However, I’m also willing to believe that most people aren’t getting everything out of Zapier just yet. For example, did you know that you can even automate client billing thanks to Zapier and Stripe?


If you’re working on a “pay-per-call” basis, clients can authorize you to charge their card through Stripe. That means that whenever you mark an email or CRM entry as a lead, you can set up a zap to automagically (sorry..) bill your client.


2. Integromat


Integromat is probably the best known competitor of Zapier. While it’s a lot (!) cheaper than Zapier, it’s also slightly more tricky to operate for anyone who’s new to automation.


However, once you get the hang of it, Integromat actually provides you with more flexibility than Zapier for most workflows. You can set up some really cool automated workflows over multiple touch points thanks to their routers and other flow control options.


For example, the guys at have built an entire multi-touch LinkedIn automation solution using Integromat to manage 50+ LinkedIn accounts all at once.


Check out the video below to see how they’ve managed to pull that off.


YouTube video


3. GoHighLevel


Many agency owners swear by using GHL, simply because of its many use cases. The GHL team has built a very extensive suite of tools with agency owners in mind, resulting in what could well be a must-have tool for any agency out there.


For example, Sean from “0-to-10k” fully automated his client onboarding & billing combining GoHighLevel’s built-in triggers with Zapier. With plenty more recipes to choose from, GoHighLevel will most likely have an automation available that will make your agency life more pleasant.

4. Wavo

Automated you lead generation agency with Wavo


Wavo is another platform built specifically for agency owners-and more specifically for cold email focused agencies.


The platform comes with built-in email warmup, client reporting, a white-label client dashboard for 24/7 reporting & easy onboarding, and more.


If you’re running an agency that’s serious about cold email then Wavo is one of your best options when it comes to email automation. With some great resources on operating an agency and cold email in general Wavo has more to offer than just software, especially for anyone who’s just starting out.


5. AgencyAnalytics


What’s in a name? If you need to monitor campaign performance at scale without any drop-off, AgencyAnalytics has you covered. With a very clear value prop, AA can not only help you gain new insights into your (clients’) campaign performance, but can also make reporting something that would almost qualify as a fun activity.


With an easy to setup drag-and-drop interface you can build your own dashboards and present data in the exact way you’d like. With tons of integrations available and more coming up, AgencyAnalytics is a great tool to have in your toolstack.


6. ColdEmail.Club helps your lead generation agency with email writing services



What’s the worst part about running an agency that focuses on cold email? Yup – the cold emails. solves that by writing cold emails for you as a service, helping you free up more time to focus on other activities.


Having a go-to writer for your cold emails can really be a game changer for lead gen agencies and at around $350 for an email sequence it’s easy to price into your offer too.


Or, even when you’re operating on a pay-per-call model, booking just one call could already help you break even, while having saved yourself potentially hours of time staring at a blank page.


7. Whaly


Whaly fits into the analytics bucket by providing you with an easy way to sync and model your business data in a centralized location.


Backed by Ycombinator, the guys at Whaly have built a platform that focuses on ease of operating. The ability to set up multiple views (hint: 1 view = 1 client) is a great feature for any business owner.


If you’re looking to move away from Google Sheets or Notion to a more robust solution, Whaly could be your best bet.


8. Tavus


Here’s a cool one – AI-generated videos for your cold outreach.


Not too long ago “Loom cold outreach” was all the rage. Everyone was doing it, offering free reports or reviews through Loom or just simply saying “hi” and showing their face to potential new clients. There was one issue however: scaling it was a nightmare.


Thanks to Tavus, that’s now a problem of the past. As you need to do is go through the initial setup process and record one video as you normally would, reading off a script they provide you with.


Based on that, their AI will personalize the video to each of your prospects using merge-tags just like you would with a regular cold email. Now anyone can reach out at scale using hyper-personalized videos!


YouTube video


9. Evaboot


If you’re using Sales Navigator to scrape leads then you’ll know what a nightmare their filter accuracy can be. Once you get past the first 5 pages, results can be a bit volatile and you can see some really bad fits dilute your results


The team at Evaboot ran into the same issue and decided to take it upon themselves to solve that. Not only do they filter out bad fits based on job titles, they’ll also clean prospect & company names and help you enrich your data.


By connecting your favorite email finder through Evaboot’s API connector you can extract leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in one seamless flow. Time is money, especially when running a lead generation agency. Swapping out your average LinkedIn scraper for Evaboot can help you save some valuable time with no extra effort required.


10. Resemble + DropCowboy


Did I cheat here a little by including 2 tools in one? Not really. Because these tools play so nicely together, it’d be a crime to separate them.


Adding cold calling to your outreach campaigns can be a complete game changer. However as with many tactics, it’s pretty difficult to scale as you’re adding more clients. So how do we solve that?


Ringless voicemails is how we solve that. These do exactly as the name suggests, dropping a voicemail into someone’s inbox without having their phones ring. Simply mentioning why you’re calling and asking for a call back could generate you a ton of qualified leads.


If your client is interested in recording a voicemail message for you to use, or you’d like to keep your methods a mystery, using an AI voice generator like Resemble could be a great way of automating the process.


11. Linbox


LinkedIn Inbox…get it?


Managing multiple inboxes across multiple platforms is a huge pain. If you’d like to make the lives of your VAs or SDRs a bit more pleasant, get them to install Linbox.


It’s a great way to cut down on the time it takes to jump between inboxes, tabs, and profiles, which is exhausting just writing about.


12. ListKit


Tired of building new lists for each client you sign? For each campaign you’re rolling out? Well, turns out you’re not alone!


The guys at ListKit experienced the exact same pain and decided to help solve it for other agency owners. The best part is that with a 24-hour turnaround time, you can be sure that you’re able to delivers for your clients and deliver FAST!


All you need to do is fill out a quick form and within 24 hours you’ll have a list of manually verified contacts complete with direct dials and personalized first lines, guaranteed to boost reply rates by up to 30%.


Want to fully automate your agency? Make sure to check out ListKit today.


13. – Built for your lead generation agency


YouTube video


Saving the best for last, Lyne can help you cut down on the time and cost it takes to run a lead generation agency by as much as 95%.


Working with a team of VAs to help personalize every single cold email you’re sending is a huge undertaking. Onboarding, managing, training, and paying a team of assistants is no fun and plenty of agencies have closed their doors because they couldn’t make it work.


Which is exactly why we built Lyne in the first place. Using AI, we’re able to personalize up to 1000 intros per hour at the rate of your cheapest VA.


Just upload a lists of prospects, tweak your settings to include either blog posts, recent news, case studies, LinkedIn info, company info, or all of the above, and hit “start”.


Lyne not only provides you with 2 intros just in case you’re not in love with the 1st one, we’ve also trained our AI to write matching subject lynes for your intros as well as clean company names and “casualize” them. This means you can use the {{company}} merge-tag without sounding like a robot from 1989.


With integrations with Lemlist, Mailshake, Close, Wavo, Hunter, and more coming up, you’re guaranteed to save an incredible amount of money and effort when it comes to running your lead generation agency.


Make sure to test us out and see why some clients mentioned 10xing their campaigns! 

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