How to become a better salesperson

Stayhuman sales podcast

Malvina El-Sayegh


Welcome to the #stayhuman podcast! The #stayhuman podcast was created with the purpose of demystifying sales and what it means to be a “great” salesperson. This podcast will help you master the necessary communication skills to be the best that you can be! Whether you are just starting off your career or want to brush up on your sales skills, this is the place for you! It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s your professional or personal life.

This is the one thing all successful people know how to do well. So if you’re ready…let’s get started!Join me 1x a week on my mission to help you become amazing at sales, tapping into all the important skills of successful salespeople and create your dream sales career.Find me, Malvina EL-Sayegh on LinkedIn @malvina-el-sayegh


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