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Mailshake Full Review


Some might call Mailshake an email automation tool, but the truth is, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a full sales engagement platform that allows sales and marketing teams to create and automate a variety of pipelines and funnels to qualify, nurture and eventually, convert their top prospects. 


There are a lot of tools that do some of those things, but not that many that combine them all – and then some. Even fewer that do it well. So how does Mailshake stack up? We’ve got a full Mailshake review, so you can see for yourself. 


Mailshake Review – Main Features


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Mailshake aims to be somewhat of a Swiss army knife of modern day marketing. Which means that it takes a lot of the most important features businesses need to successfully automate and manage their marketing pipeline and combines them into one easy to navigate system. So far so good. We like a lot of features, and we like easy to use even more. 


In the case of Mailshake, those features include:


Prospecting and Outreach


Prospecting and outreach are one of the most time consuming parts of the marketing process. They’re also the basis on which everything else is built. This is why Mailshake has built tools to speed up prospecting and make initial outreach easier, personalized and compliant – because there’s still the ever present threat of spam penalties looming! 


Tracking and Measuring 


We all know that the best marketing plans are built on S.M.A.R.T. goals, so it only makes sense that a comprehensive marketing tool like Mailshake has built tracking and measuring right into their platform. Once you’ve sent out your emails, you can review bounces, unsubscribes, clicks and more. 


Lead Management


Usually, you’d need to use a CRM to manage your leads as they progress through the sales process, but Mailshake has built that in too. You can even reply to contact requests without leaving the platform, which is another great timesaver. 


VOIP for Cold Calling


Yes. We all hate cold calling. Yes. Everyone says cold calling is dead. It’s not though, and that’s why Mailshake has built tools for that part of the process into their platform. You can access client data, create call notes right in the platform and even use the built in VOIP platform to choose the right area code to call from. Tres impressive! 


Social Media Integration


You know when they say you need to “be where your prospects are?” Well, they’re probably on social media, and that’s probably LinkedIn. So Mailshake has built easy back and forth LinkedIn functionality into their system. 


Full Email Automation


Of course, at its heart, Mailshake is a really advanced, really expanded mail automation tool. So, it stands to reason that it has the full A to Z of everything you could want to automate every marketing email you could ever want to send, built right in. 


Support and Training


So many great platforms build amazing features, but then forget to tell you how they work. Mailshake has a full suite of support and training options and features, so you can get help whenever you need help figuring something out. 


Mailshake Review – Integrations


These days, even the best platforms are only as strong as their integrations. We don’t want to have to do things manually, so the more things any tool can do for us, the better. Fortunately, Mailshake has been paying attention, and they’ve got some great integrations built in, including:


  • Salesforce, Salesflare, Copper, AgileCRM, Pipedrive, Freshsales, WhatConverts, Nimble, Salesmate, Zoho and Hubspot CRMs
  • All the big email platforms, including Outlook and Gmail
  • Calendly, Acuity Scheduling and Schedule Once to manage your schedule
  • Call Loop and Twilio if you would prefer to use your own call and text services
  • LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing and prospecting
  • Drift, Crisp, Slack and LiveAgent for chat messaging
  • Vidyard for video
  • Dialpad
  • Google Workspace
  • SMTP
  • Integrately connector


Mailshake also integrates with Zapier, with a large number of popular workflow options, and the following triggers: 


Mailshake Zapier Integration


Mailshake Review – Pricing


Mailshake offers per user pricing, so you can add as many team members as you need to your plan. There are monthly and annual pricing options. If you choose an annual plan, you will automatically get a 25% discount, which is fairly substantial if you’re sure you’re going to use it for a year, and you want to make an upfront investment. 


There are two pricing tiers: an Email Outreach option, with fewer features, and all the bells and whistles with the Sales Engagement plan. The former will cost you $59 per user per month if you sign up monthly, and the latter will cost $99 per user per month for a monthly subscription. 


It is worth noting that the total annual savings for these plans are $180 and $288, so if you can sign up for a full year, you can save a significant amount on your subscription. 


Each user can add one email account to your Mailshake account, so they can send all their emails and correspondence from their own email account for a personal touch. 


Mailshake Pricing


Mailshake Review – G2 Score: What do people say?


Mailshake has a 4.7 star rating on G2, and the vast majority of their reviews are five stars – so that’s a good indication that they are doing something right. Some of their reviews include:


“Excellent software. Even better team behind it.”


What do you like best?


I love the simplicity of the platform. It is very easy to use, even though there are a myriad and growing number of functions. Split testing is the best, as it is not available as effectively in most any other cold email platforms. In addition, there support team is spectacular and very knowledgeable and open to assisting you on your campaigns.


What do you dislike?


The only thing I don’t like is when you have a winning split test it is hard to set it as the winning one from my understanding, although I know it is tough depending on where a lead is in the process. I’m hoping for some sort of solution for this soon. 


“Quick To Set Up Easy To Use”


What do you like best?


The ease of use when it comes to creating sequences and adding prospects to the system.


What do you dislike?


There is not a single thing I dislike about Mailshake 


“Easy to send emails – just what we need. “


What do you like best?


I love how simple everything is. Mailshake is to the point, clean and efficient. It saves me time and helps me organize my many many emails.


What do you dislike?


It would be nice if there was instant customer support – but I really haven’t had to use it… 


“Automation tool that doesn’t automate process”


What do you like best?


Only good thing is that it is not hard to use


What do you dislike?


I use Mailshake for emailing and my experience with it is terrible. First, it is breaking all campaigns (even scheduled), second out of office reply is counted as potential lead so it doesn’t send follow-ups to those people. Third thing is that email doesn’t work, just form that I dug somewhere but that is not the end. On my question why it breaks initial campaign and information that their email is not working I got an answer ‘can you tell me when you wrote us since we want to ensure that we answer….’ typical support answer but without reply on my problem. I wrote a couple of time since then and I am waiting for 20 days, no answer. So, an automatic tool that doesn’t automate a process and without support. I would never go into such an adventure again. Paying for nothing, it doesn\t worth even a penny. 


“Was Great Until They Got Their 5* Review Off Me and Never Got Back To Me”


What do you like best?


It’s affordable and easy to set up – really enjoy using it!

Also helps me automate a lot of my work and is like having your own employee.

Main feature is how straight-forward it is.


What do you dislike?


Support is shocking.

As soon as they told me I was getting $50 for a review, I notified them the review was made and they never got back to me.

My emails have been down, and I’ve sent them constant emails asking to fix it and they’ve still not got back to me 5 days later. 


“Still learning the tool, but mail campaigns coming together”


What do you like best?


Sending out 2000 emails with drip, tracking, and follow up working well


What do you dislike?


I wish the ability to see all clients was easier without having to constantly click the show more button – have an option to open all leads on a campaign 

Also wish you could search a name without having to open each a campaign 


Mailshake Review – Capterra Score: What do people say?


Mailshake has 4.7 on Capterra too, off a total of 92 reviews, so their platform is well received there too. 


Great tool for personalized email outreach!


5 months ago 


Comments: On top of the above-mentioned points, their content and events are highly recommended. I’ve bookmarked several of their blog posts and regularly revisit them to improve my email campaigns. 



Extremely easy to implement and start a campaign. Had a great experience with their sales rep, from scheduling a demo to offering a limited period trial to finalizing the plan. The tool is super helpful and appealing to use – loved the UI!



No major complaints. Though they have dedicated web pages to compare Mailshake with, Salesloft, Mixmax, etc., I honestly don’t know where they perform better. A detailed comparison can help prospects decide to better & migrate from these tools if needed.


Simple, affordable, highly effective email marketing software


5 years ago 



I love that I can easily duplicate and send emails to large lists without overcomplicating things, and also send using Gmail aliases. Mailshake allows me to personalize emails for myself and other individuals on my team, and track responses, with simple rules to avoid a spammy feeling. Our open rates are through the roof, and emails are sent successfully. I also really appreciate the alerts when I am sending to new lists, to avoid sending to people who may already be in another email drip or have previously unsubscribed or converted.



I honestly can’t think of anything. I wish all software worked this well and as easily.




5 years ago 


Comments: I’m not exaggerating that the money we spent last year on Mailshake that we have 100X our return on investment. I highly recommend their email marketing solution. 



Mailshake is easy to use! I love the fact that there is very little learning curve. You can upload your list and start a campaign in minutes. I will say that this was single handedly the best purchase of all the software we purchased last year.



I have nothing bad to say. They are great from the software to support. I love their software!


Lame customer support


1 year ago 



It can help you to automate email campaigns to a certain extent, it does send faster than if you would do it manually, it keeps track of follow ups.



Customer support does not respond to your queries, not even after a month, if email replies ‘out of office’ is in another language besides English, it counts the email as a valid reply, if you schedule initial campaign on the specific date, it does not send it entirely on that day yet breaks it into several batches thus disrupt you next follow ups (instead of after 3 days, you end up with a follow up sent the following day) etc.

Making bulk emails easier


2 years ago 



It is easier to send emails to a lot of people and automatizes your emailing job. Zou can set up timing of your campaign, so you don’t have to be at job when it sends your emails.



It doesn’t stop emails from people when they write from different email address and it recognizes out of office msg as a reply, so doesn’t send follow-ups which creates a lot of extra work, that should be automatized with Mailshake.


Overall, a decent tool – with major drawbacks in my experience


3 years ago 



I like the simplicity of the tool – Highly intuitive to use and will save major time for bulk sending emails.



For weeks, we’ve had deliverability issues and had to juggle between G-Suite support and Mailshake. At the end it was a combination of errors that led to our emails landing in spam folders.


Mailshake Review – Main competitors


There are a lot of email and marketing automation tools out there, so Mailshake has plenty of competition. Some of the top contenders are:


Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Scrape & personalize cold emails without the hard work

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