The 14 Most Relatable Sales Memes to Get You Through Q4 and Beyond

The 14 Most Relatable Sales Memes to Get You Through Q4 and Beyond

Q4 is hard for sales peeps. Here are some sales memes that help.


No matter what industry your company is in, it’s safe to say that the pressure is on for sales professionals. After all, these are the people who “bring in the bacon” so that everyone else, including the company itself, can pay the bills.


And whether you make straight commission or salary plus commission, making that paycheck goal can add to the stress. Add in those dreaded sales quotas, and many of us live day to day.


Luckily, being in sales isn’t all stress. We get to meet new people, work on a team, and feel that sense of accomplishment when closing a big sale.


With that in mind, here are some sales memes to get you through the day. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.


LinkedIn is a great tool-when used properly (for sales memes for example..)


LinkedIn message meme



With all the restrictions that LinkedIn places on acquiring new connections, getting people to accept your request can seem like an uphill battle. This is especially true when you’re new to the industry or have a target who’s known for dodging sales professionals.


Of course, that doesn’t mean that someone who accepts your connection request wants to be buddies. As a rule, it means that they view you as a potentially valuable contact. Either way, it’s surprising how few funny sales memes are based on LinkedIn


Be careful how often you contact a prospect


Prospecting sales meme

Credit: Hubspot


Just because someone might be interested in your product doesn’t mean that they want regular contact. At the same time, giving up after just one or two contacts may cause you to miss out on deals. Many sales experts say that you shouldn’t send more than half a dozen emails to a prospect. Similarly, constant phone calls are annoying because they take time away from other tasks. It’s a good way to get blocked.


Paychecks. It’s why we put up with the stress


Big commission checks

Credit: Hubspot


Finally someone made a sales meme about commission checks. One of the best things about sales is the potential to make a lot of money. Especially for large B2B companies, those commissions can be eye-popping. There’s no question that we work hard for that paycheck, though.


Instant sales successes are few and far between


First Pitch Sales Humor

Credit: @realsaleshumor (Twitter)


Everyone knows that sales prospects rarely say “yes” the first time. Even if they ask to “talk to sales,” most people need to get more information before making a buying decision. With that said, people who buy on the first call probably already know that your product is what they want and need. You’re just confirming their choice.


Sometimes decision makers use meetings as an excuse


Cold calling meme with Dr Evil

Credit: The Daily Sales


People with buying abilities tend to be very busy. After all, they have lots of responsibility and often wear multiple hats. But that doesn’t mean they’re always in a meeting when the administrative assistant says so. Claiming someone is in a meeting is a common way of saying they’re unavailable or not interested. The trick is figuring out what’s really going on. Dr. Evil sure makes for great sales humor.


Sales opportunities don’t only happen during work hours


Best sales memes

Credit: / Sales Humor


For many of us, sales is much more than a 9-5 job, as pointed out in this sales meme. We’re always looking for new leads, even as the marketing team feeds us new ones regularly. If someone mentions your product during off-hours, it’s a great opportunity to find out what people think about your product. This can help you overcome objections and refine that pitch. Bonus points if the person mentioning your product is interested in buying.


At times, it feels like training never ends. Especially when you’re busy


Sales Manager Meme

Credit: Echobot


Sometimes it feels like sales managers are good for one thing, and one thing only: sending you more work. Especially when that extra work is a training video that teaches the Same. Old. Thing. Whatever happened to the cheerleader side of your manager? Probably pressure from higher up in the company.


Some people play one sales professional against another. Or they just have a change of plans


American Psycho Meme

Credit: Socialtalent


When you spend weeks on negotiating a contract, it’s easy to anticipate sealing the deal. After all, most customers want to ensure that they get the right product or service, at the right price. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a change of plans at the last minute. This can happen because a competitor swoops in and offers more for the same price. Or, it could simply involve needs or budgets changing. Either way, it’s frustrating. Thank goodness there are funny sales memes to keep us laughing


Meeting your sales target? Sometimes it’s a real challenge


Sales Rep Meme

Credit: The Daily Sales


Sales humor often hints at deep truths. For instance, one thing most of us hate about sales is the bad month. Sometimes it’s really tough to meet our targets. And in some situations, this means our fat paycheck is in jeopardy. Luckily, that next big sale is sometimes just around the corner. When you hit that target, especially with large sales, you can feel at the top of the world.


Speaking of sales targets, sometimes management needs to get real


Sales goals funny

Credit: Kixie


Sometimes it’s easy to imagine that upper management is out of touch with reality. Especially when sales are slow, and leads are few and far between. Nothing adds to the panic in sales when management decides to increase sales quotas. But then again, their bonuses get higher the more an overworked sales professional brings in.


December: the month most sales reps wish didn’t exist


December sales targets

Credit: Solofire


If you’ve been in sales for any period of time, you know that December is one of the worst times to sell. For one thing, a lot of decisionmakers go on vacation for the holidays. And to make matters worse, most companies/departments have budgets that end in December. This means that even if you can reach the decisionmaker, there’s a high chance that manager doesn’t have much money to spend. And you have more than enough time to make funny sales memes. Happy holidays.


Customers and decision-makers DO call back. Sometimes


Cold Call Memes and Sales Humor

Credit: The Daily Sales


Sometimes cold calling, and even following up on sales leads, feels like you’re spitting in the wind. Nobody calls back, and after a while, you get frustrated. Fortunately, those hours of calling do pay off sometimes. It’s just a matter of being persistent. Or as your trainer used to say, every call (or rejection) gets you closer to “yes.” Is that supposed to be some kind of sales humor?


Not every customer is realistic about what they can afford. But we still survive


Mona Lisa Sales Humor

Credit: Solofire


Sometimes it feels like the customer wants to get something for nothing. Or that they don’t realize that their budget is insufficient for what they need. Luckily, in many cases we can meet customers halfway. That can either be through providing less services or a lower-end product for what they can afford, or by convincing them they NEED to pay for what you’re offering. Either way, it isn’t always easy.


The Hunt Never Ends


Sales Humor

Credit: Meme Creator


And neither does the tenacity of a good sales professional. Maybe that’s why we found so many funny sales memes around the web related to prospecting. After all, to make a pitch to the right person, you need to find them. Then, you must “hunt” for a way to either go through the gatekeeper or around them. Happy hunting!


Want more sales memes?


So what about you? If you’ve enjoyed these sales memes, maybe it’s time you share one. Better yet, try making one yourself. There are many meme generators out there, such as this one by imageflip. And don’t forget to share when you’re done.

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The 8 Best Sales Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

The 8 Best Sales Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

Sales is an ever-changing field where you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, technologies, and tactics if you want to be successful. Since books and training videos can become dated pretty quickly, sales podcasts have become the most convenient and effective method of gaining new sales knowledge.


Not only are podcasts free, but you can listen to them anytime and anywhere. Here are 8 of the best sales podcasts where you can get the latest tips from your favorite sales professionals while you’re on the go.


Make It Happen Mondays


John Barrows is a B2B Sales Trainer and the host of the Make It Happen Monday’s podcast. The weekly live show features conversations between John and a rotating panel of sales experts, covering a variety of B2B sales topics.


The show is ideal for any entry-level sales professionals looking for advice on personal branding, how to handle the daily sales grind, and how to get ahead of the competition.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify


Sell or Die


Networking and LinkedIn Expert Jennifer Gitomer co-hosts the Sell or Die sales podcast with best-selling author and top-notch sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer. The daily episodes are only 20 minutes long and provide valuable insights into the hard and soft skills that reps can develop in order to be successful in sales.


As a listener, this podcast can help you develop new healthy habits, strategies, and tactics used by the most successful sales reps and business leaders today.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast


Sales Success Stories


One of the best ways to improve and succeed in sales is to learn from the top performers in your industry. Scott Ingram, a seasoned B2B sales professional, seeks to replicate that learning experience with his podcast, Sales Success Stories. Scott speaks with top performers in the sales profession and has them deconstruct the strategies, habits, and books that have led to their success.


With a range of guests, each with their own unique stories, there are valuable takeaways for everyone across the sales spectrum.


Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify


The Salesman Podcast


In The Salesman Podcast, Will Barron explores the psychology of sales by digging into the roles that behavioral psychology, motivation, and body language play in every sale. Baron provides valuable insight from experts in and out of the sales profession so listeners can benefit from a wide range of perspectives.


Guests will often include startup CEOs, university neuropsychologists and professors, or professional sales coaches. Listen to this podcast if you’re looking to develop your prospecting skills using the advice of top professionals in the field.


YouTube video


Where to Listen: iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher


The Sales Evangelist


Host Donald Kelly is a well-known speaker and sales consultant who explores various high-level sales issues in his podcast, The Sales Evangelist. Each episode is only about 30 minutes long and includes a variety of helpful strategies for anyone that has recently started their sales career.


Recent topics have covered how best to breach the subject of sales with clients during a pandemic, how to maintain productivity at home, and simple strategies to help you convert leads into customers.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher


The GaryVee Audio Experience


Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known vlogger, CEO, investor, entrepreneur, and author. This New York Times bestseller is also recognized as a leading voice in modern marketing. Podcast episodes vary in length and subject matter. One day you can tune in for a 15-minute discussion about NFTs, and other days you’ll gain an hour of valuable insight into how you can be a better business leader in 2022.


On this podcast, you’ll get insight from a digital media entrepreneur that has relentlessly pushed his way into new markets. Each episode is full of actionable advice, so give this one a listen if you’re looking to stay a step ahead in sales and learn about the latest in tech.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher


The Advanced Selling Podcast


Recognized as one of the most entertaining and longest-running sales podcasts available, the Advanced Selling Podcast is a hit among sales professionals. Hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale are leading business strategists, B2B sales trainers, and leadership coaches with a great sense of humor.


With over two decades of sales experience, this pair provides practical wisdom and motivation to get you thinking like a sales pro. With an average length of 20 minutes, you can squeeze in a quick podcast during your lunch break and come out with a wealth of knowledge to apply to your afternoon sales calls.


Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify


Conversations with Women in Sales


This podcast was created for women sales executives with the goal of becoming the best global resource for women in sales. It features interviews with successful female sales leaders who discuss their experiences and provide practical sales advice for women working in a predominantly male field.


Each episode provides women with strategies and motivation to help them overcome adversity, avoid imposter syndrome, advance in their careers, pursue leadership roles, and achieve sales success.


Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify




Podcasts really are a wealth of knowledge, and there are plenty of options for any sales professional looking to learn and improve their craft. Each podcast on this list provides valuable insight into different aspects of the sales cycle, with some focusing on motivation and inspiration while others dive deep into unique techniques and strategies for success.


No matter what you’re looking for, there is a podcast out there to help you get ahead in your career and become a sales pro. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best sales podcasts for beginners?

Many of the podcasts mentioned above are great for entry-level sellers as well as more seasoned professionals.


Where can I listen to the best sales podcasts?

The podcasts above are available on a variety of platforms. iTunes and Spotify are the most popular, but you can also browse sales podcasts on YouTube if you like to have a visual element.


Where can I find more sales podcasts?

If you’re looking for a podcast that applies to your niche, industry, issue, or role, try being more specific with your search. Podcasts about pipeline management, podcasts about selling software, or podcasts about improving your cold calling are just some examples of niche searches you can perform to find a podcast that meets your needs.


What are the best sales podcasts?

This list presents some of the top sales podcasts available today. Each podcast has a unique approach to applying sales wisdom, providing advice, or discussing strategies that are helpful for different types of sellers. Which podcast is “the best” will depend on your specific needs and goals, so listen to a few episodes from a range of different podcasts until you find your favorite one.


How Can I Become a Podcast Guest?

If you’re interested in sharing your sales knowledge and unique experience on a sales podcast, find a show that shares your values and mission.


Then, create a short, compelling bio that features your most impressive accomplishments, qualifications, and some unique points that tell your story. Lastly, write a well-thought-out email and submit it to the show’s host through email or their podcast website.


If selected, be prepared to share your story and answer some questions about yourself and your business, and remember to have fun!

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Top 5 Sales Engagement Platforms You Need To Consider In 2022

Top 5 Sales Engagement Platforms You Need To Consider In 2022

Sales engagement platforms, commonly referred to as SEPs, are powerful tools designed to help your sales team achieve success. The best SEPs will integrate with your existing CRM and communication tools, allowing you to automate several of the more tedious tasks that take up valuable selling time.


These powerful automation and integration tools help to streamline the sales process, enabling your team to spend more of their time with customers. Sales engagement platforms can significantly help with lead generation, prospecting, and closing deals. 


As a sales leader, you’ll have access to a robust set of analytics, providing you with valuable insight into the performance and productivity of your staff.


How to Choose Your Sales Engagement Platform


Sales engagement platforms are designed to help your sales team reach its goals faster. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which platform is right for you. To help you make your decision, we’ve created a list of the top 5 SEPs to consider based on the following criteria:


Innovation. To stay ahead of your competition, you want your sales team to use the most cutting-edge software available. The sales engagement platform you choose should demonstrate a commitment to launching innovative updates with new and exciting features for their customers.


Uniqueness. With so many SEPs available on the market, our top 5 needed to include unique and valuable features that set them apart from their competition.


Ease of use. Sales engagement platforms should be easy to use, with a simple, intuitive interface for salespeople of all experience levels. They should also integrate seamlessly with existing sales and customer interaction tools to ensure that they improve workflow.


Our Top 5 Sales Engagement Platforms


Here are the top five sales engagement platforms you need to consider in 2022.


YouTube video


Considered the fastest-growing and largest SEP available, Outreach excels in streamlining lead generation, customer relationship management, and campaign management. 


The platform helps to track customer touchpoints throughout the sales cycle. Using automation tools, sales reps can map out email sequences, schedule phone calls, and use various effective email templates to improve workflow and increase sales.


Established Player


Outreach was established in 2014 and has since been a long-time leader in the SaaS sales engagement platform space. They’ve been listed on Forbes 100 best cloud companies every year since 2018 and are backed by Salesforce as well. They are the trusted SEP for 19 of the 25 fastest-growing public software companies, including Zoom, Microsoft, and DocuSign.


Constantly Innovating


Manny Medina, CEO, stated that innovation is at the heart of the mission. He said this as he accepted the Tech Impact innovation award from Seattle Business Magazine in 2017. In their fierce commitment to innovation, Outreach continues to acquire new companies to create an even more robust offering to their customers.


Best Sales Engagement Platforms: review


Apollo is a data-first sales platform that integrates with your existing tech stack to make it even more powerful. Sales teams can leverage precise targeting and filtering capabilities with data-based prospecting to develop the perfect list of companies and prospects. The extensive prospecting tools make outreach more efficient and effective, improving results.


Phenomenal Value


Based on their competition and robust offerings, Apollo offers some of the most attractive pricing plans in the space. There is even a Free option for users looking to experiment with the tool without ever needing to make a full commitment.


Rich in Prospecting Tools and Data


Apollo’s Chrome Extension gives sales teams the ability to not only scrape LinkedIn but any company website on the internet for verified email addresses and contact information. 


This machine learning platform studies activity patterns and can intelligently suggest leads to pursue using effective hyper-targeted segmentation to improve open and response rates. Sales teams can even split tests their outreach efforts and make necessary changes to their messaging based on a broad set of analytics.


All-in-One Solution


Apollo is a powerful and affordable all-in-one solution. This data-driven platform offers:


  • Precise targeting capabilities;
  • Email and calling automation;
  • Data-backed analytics tools for more effective prospecting;
  • CRM enrichment tools.




Autoklose sales engagement review


Autoklose is an all-in-one sales engagement platform and verified B2B database all in one. It is trusted by prominent market leaders, including IBM, VMware, and PayPal. The integrated outreach tools and massive database make it easier for sales teams to scale their prospecting efforts and close deals much faster.


Rich in Features


Autoklose integrates a comprehensive set of features and tools to make the sales team’s lives easier. Sales reps can quickly find potential customers through the outreach platform, improve their messaging with the email-automation tool, and better manage their email campaigns using highly targeted email sequences. 


The comprehensive dashboard gives sales leaders the ability to monitor the performance of their teams, both at a high level and an individual level.


Helpful Tools to Make Life Easier


In addition to the rich set of features, there are also built-in tools to help sales professionals work more effectively. These tools include but are not limited to built-in email verification, spam checkers, email volume throttling, and message writing assistance.


Affordable Pricing


Autoklose is affordable and trusted by sales teams of all sizes. Sales reps can get started right away with a $59.99 monthly plan, which includes unlimited contact uploads, campaign creation, tracking, and follow-ups. For those looking to test the tool, no credit card is required for the 14-day trial.




YouTube video


Woodpecker is an intuitive cold email tool that facilitates client outreach and business partner relationship nurturing for B2B companies. Email campaign sequences can be tailored to the recipients’ responses and behavior, using basic script templates and elements of personalization. 


Email Deliverability


Woodpecker uses a unique algorithm that ensures maximum deliverability to the intended prospect’s primary inbox. Email addresses are verified in real-time, reducing bouncebacks.


Advanced Campaign Features


Woodpecker’s software learns from past email sends and can intelligently suggest the correct recipients to pitch by understanding which companies are most likely to respond. Sales professionals can create an outreach campaign in just a few minutes, customizing it with their own messaging and integrations along the way.


Great Agency Features


Woodpecker provides a number of lead generation agency features, including one-click logins to each of your different client accounts and an easy-to-use client dashboard. Woodpecker’s email management and sequence capabilities make it possible to manage various email campaigns for several different agency clients at once, with ease.




Outplayhq best sales engagement platform


Outplayhq is a sales engagement platform that enables multi-channel sales engagement across various platforms, including LinkedIn, chat, SMS, Email, Phone, and even Twitter. Using smart sales sequences, the sales team can constantly stay connected with their leads, improving their ability to book meetings and increase sales. This best-in-class platform has won awards for Best Support, Easiest to do Business With and High Performer in the Small and Mid-Market business sectors.


Advanced Personalization Options for Email Campaigns


With a mix of automation and personalization, sales reps can customize email templates with customer information to increase their likelihood of engagement. The platform also sends customizable follow-ups that are triggered by the prospect’s behavior, giving sales teams an edge when it comes to reaching leads at scale.


Magic Outbound Chat


Sales teams will receive an instant notification the moment one of their outbound sequence prospects lands on your company website. Sales reps can then engage the prospect via a real-time chat while the prospect is the most interested.


Advanced-Data & Insights Into Campaigns


Sales reps can make informed business decisions based on the real-time data of each of their outbound campaigns. The reporting and analytics provide clear insight into what moves the sales needle forward and the recommended next steps to drive revenue growth.


Best Sales Engagement Platforms: the Conclusion


Sales engagement platforms are becoming an integral part of sales teams’ ongoing success. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to consider the features and functionality that will be most helpful for your own business needs. When evaluating each platform, focus on what makes them unique and how they can help improve your team’s ability to drive revenue growth.

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