Q4 is hard for sales peeps. Here are some sales memes that help.


No matter what industry your company is in, it’s safe to say that the pressure is on for sales professionals. After all, these are the people who “bring in the bacon” so that everyone else, including the company itself, can pay the bills.


And whether you make straight commission or salary plus commission, making that paycheck goal can add to the stress. Add in those dreaded sales quotas, and many of us live day to day.


Luckily, being in sales isn’t all stress. We get to meet new people, work on a team, and feel that sense of accomplishment when closing a big sale.


With that in mind, here are some sales memes to get you through the day. As the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine.


LinkedIn is a great tool-when used properly (for sales memes for example..)


LinkedIn message meme

Credit: Close.com


With all the restrictions that LinkedIn places on acquiring new connections, getting people to accept your request can seem like an uphill battle. This is especially true when you’re new to the industry or have a target who’s known for dodging sales professionals.


Of course, that doesn’t mean that someone who accepts your connection request wants to be buddies. As a rule, it means that they view you as a potentially valuable contact. Either way, it’s surprising how few funny sales memes are based on LinkedIn


Be careful how often you contact a prospect


Prospecting sales meme

Credit: Hubspot


Just because someone might be interested in your product doesn’t mean that they want regular contact. At the same time, giving up after just one or two contacts may cause you to miss out on deals. Many sales experts say that you shouldn’t send more than half a dozen emails to a prospect. Similarly, constant phone calls are annoying because they take time away from other tasks. It’s a good way to get blocked.


Paychecks. It’s why we put up with the stress


Big commission checks

Credit: Hubspot


Finally someone made a sales meme about commission checks. One of the best things about sales is the potential to make a lot of money. Especially for large B2B companies, those commissions can be eye-popping. There’s no question that we work hard for that paycheck, though.


Instant sales successes are few and far between


First Pitch Sales Humor

Credit: @realsaleshumor (Twitter)


Everyone knows that sales prospects rarely say “yes” the first time. Even if they ask to “talk to sales,” most people need to get more information before making a buying decision. With that said, people who buy on the first call probably already know that your product is what they want and need. You’re just confirming their choice.


Sometimes decision makers use meetings as an excuse


Cold calling meme with Dr Evil

Credit: The Daily Sales


People with buying abilities tend to be very busy. After all, they have lots of responsibility and often wear multiple hats. But that doesn’t mean they’re always in a meeting when the administrative assistant says so. Claiming someone is in a meeting is a common way of saying they’re unavailable or not interested. The trick is figuring out what’s really going on. Dr. Evil sure makes for great sales humor.


Sales opportunities don’t only happen during work hours


Best sales memes

Credit: sayingimages.com / Sales Humor


For many of us, sales is much more than a 9-5 job, as pointed out in this sales meme. We’re always looking for new leads, even as the marketing team feeds us new ones regularly. If someone mentions your product during off-hours, it’s a great opportunity to find out what people think about your product. This can help you overcome objections and refine that pitch. Bonus points if the person mentioning your product is interested in buying.


At times, it feels like training never ends. Especially when you’re busy


Sales Manager Meme

Credit: Echobot


Sometimes it feels like sales managers are good for one thing, and one thing only: sending you more work. Especially when that extra work is a training video that teaches the Same. Old. Thing. Whatever happened to the cheerleader side of your manager? Probably pressure from higher up in the company.


Some people play one sales professional against another. Or they just have a change of plans


American Psycho Meme

Credit: Socialtalent


When you spend weeks on negotiating a contract, it’s easy to anticipate sealing the deal. After all, most customers want to ensure that they get the right product or service, at the right price. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a change of plans at the last minute. This can happen because a competitor swoops in and offers more for the same price. Or, it could simply involve needs or budgets changing. Either way, it’s frustrating. Thank goodness there are funny sales memes to keep us laughing


Meeting your sales target? Sometimes it’s a real challenge


Sales Rep Meme

Credit: The Daily Sales


Sales humor often hints at deep truths. For instance, one thing most of us hate about sales is the bad month. Sometimes it’s really tough to meet our targets. And in some situations, this means our fat paycheck is in jeopardy. Luckily, that next big sale is sometimes just around the corner. When you hit that target, especially with large sales, you can feel at the top of the world.


Speaking of sales targets, sometimes management needs to get real


Sales goals funny

Credit: Kixie


Sometimes it’s easy to imagine that upper management is out of touch with reality. Especially when sales are slow, and leads are few and far between. Nothing adds to the panic in sales when management decides to increase sales quotas. But then again, their bonuses get higher the more an overworked sales professional brings in.


December: the month most sales reps wish didn’t exist


December sales targets

Credit: Solofire


If you’ve been in sales for any period of time, you know that December is one of the worst times to sell. For one thing, a lot of decisionmakers go on vacation for the holidays. And to make matters worse, most companies/departments have budgets that end in December. This means that even if you can reach the decisionmaker, there’s a high chance that manager doesn’t have much money to spend. And you have more than enough time to make funny sales memes. Happy holidays.


Customers and decision-makers DO call back. Sometimes


Cold Call Memes and Sales Humor

Credit: The Daily Sales


Sometimes cold calling, and even following up on sales leads, feels like you’re spitting in the wind. Nobody calls back, and after a while, you get frustrated. Fortunately, those hours of calling do pay off sometimes. It’s just a matter of being persistent. Or as your trainer used to say, every call (or rejection) gets you closer to “yes.” Is that supposed to be some kind of sales humor?


Not every customer is realistic about what they can afford. But we still survive


Mona Lisa Sales Humor

Credit: Solofire


Sometimes it feels like the customer wants to get something for nothing. Or that they don’t realize that their budget is insufficient for what they need. Luckily, in many cases we can meet customers halfway. That can either be through providing less services or a lower-end product for what they can afford, or by convincing them they NEED to pay for what you’re offering. Either way, it isn’t always easy.


The Hunt Never Ends


Sales Humor

Credit: Meme Creator


And neither does the tenacity of a good sales professional. Maybe that’s why we found so many funny sales memes around the web related to prospecting. After all, to make a pitch to the right person, you need to find them. Then, you must “hunt” for a way to either go through the gatekeeper or around them. Happy hunting!


Want more sales memes?


So what about you? If you’ve enjoyed these sales memes, maybe it’s time you share one. Better yet, try making one yourself. There are many meme generators out there, such as this one by imageflip. And don’t forget to share when you’re done.

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