What Does an Ideal Client Profile (or ICP) Stand for in Sales?

Updated: December 20, 2021

What is an “ideal client profile”?

An ideal customer profile is a description of the perfect customer that we would like to market our product or service to. An ICP can be used as a marketing and sales tool and is also referred to as an "ideal target market". Some good things to include in your ICP are:

  • The geographic area they live in
  • A demographic outline (such as age, gender, education level, household income)
  • Their current occupation and how they use your product
  • How they found out about your products/services
  • What motivates them to buy your product
  • Which benefits are most important to them

  • Is an ICP necessary?

    The answer is, yes. An ICP is an effective tool that you can use to help gauge what personas might be interested in your product or service and to target them with your marketing efforts. However, it's important that the information you input into the ICP is accurate so that you don't waste time and money marketing to people who are unlikely to buy from your business.

    Why should you have an ICP?

    An ICP is a valuable tool for your business because it helps you understand who your ideal customer is. It also can help you define your marketing strategy as well as determine what benefits will entice your customer to choose your products or services.

    This post will cover the main benefits of having an ICP and how it can help you create a successful marketing campaign.

    Who benefits from the use of an ICP?

    By using an ICP, businesses are able to know who their ideal customers are. They're able to understand how these customers can best be reached and what benefits they would like them to be provided with. With the use of an ICP, businesses can gain a much better understanding of their target market and what motivates them.

    For example, if your company is in the market for eco-friendly products, you could create a list of "eco-friendly" items that your ideal customer might use or buy. That way you know exactly what your target market wants and will appeal to them more effectively.

    So as long as you have your ICP set up correctly, you'll always know who your perfect customer is and what they want when it comes to products or services.

    Creating your ideal customer profile

    To create your ideal customer profile, you want to focus on the most important aspects of your business. What do you need to focus on if you want to sell your product or service?

  • What is it that makes your product/service different?
  • What benefits are most important to them and how can they benefit from your product?
  • How will they find out about your product and how will they hear about it?
  • What motivates them to buy your product?
  • Which benefits are most important to them when compared with other products available in their market?
  • What motivates them to try or buy from you rather than a competitor's products or service?

  • Conclusion

    If you're a salesperson and you're not using an "ideal client profile," you might be missing out on opportunities. An ICP can help your sales team find the best clients for your business and use your time more efficiently.


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