Sales Navigator is the flagship product of LinkedIn. The product is designed while keeping the requirements of the sales managers, reps, and ops leaders. With Sales Navigator, it is possible to utilize all the insight and data available on LinkedIn fully. Furthermore, it serves as a relationship-built tool too. 


The tool is prevalent amongst B2B companies because it is instrumental in crafting sales strategies. The return on investment on Sales Navigator is immense. Thanks to rich data and insight, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps its users crush their sales goals


The Use Of Sales Navigator


The ultimate aim of Sales Navigator is to help sales professionals to identify targets to increase their conversion. The tool helps the users to do so by allowing them to track the developments of the target audience. 


The tool helps the user know the prospect’s buying intent or job change.  Lastly, it aims to help the users to connect and communicate with the prospect to move ahead with the selling process. 


To sum it up, Sales Navigator is a handy tool for customer acquisition and conversion. Its features provide everything necessary to make it possible. Let us now focus on the most crucial usage of Sales Navigator by checking its important features.


1. Identifies The Ideal Customer 


Sales Navigator supports advanced search, which you can use for identifying the ideal customers. The advanced search supports 20+ search filters. You can use these filters to narrow down your prospects and identify the ideal customer in a short time. 


Also, once you find an ideal customer using Sales Navigator, the tool shows 100 leads that match the prospect’s arena. The similarity can be in terms of industry, company, and job titles. Additionally, you can use filters in these “similar prospects” to find the right customer again. 


Just like LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator also shows the users the people who have viewed their profile in the last 90 days. Most of the time, the people who view your profile are often interested in your business. 


Therefore, you can reach out to such potential customers and connect with them with this information. 


An additional handy feature of Sales Navigator is to blocklist names while identifying the prospects. This feature is helpful because it is beneficial to avoid members of your competing company. 


2. Easy Introduction To Prospect 


The team link feature of Sales Navigator detects if any prospects are already connected to one of your teammates. 


When a lead shares a mutual connection with your teammate, you can use the “Leads with TeamLink Intro” feature. Clicking on this link will show you who the teammate is. 


Once this information is with you, proceed to request your teammate to introduce you to the prospect. It makes the introduction easy and, in addition to it, also leaves favorable information to the potential customer. 


Even if there is no mutual connection, the Teamlink feature is still beneficial. It is because as soon as there is a mutual connection in the future, Teamlink will automatically update you about the same. 


3. Helps Create Lead Lists 


When you identify the lead based on the selected criteria, you can proceed to create a lead list. You can create multiple lead lists on Sales Navigator based on the customer marketing material. 


While creating the lead list, you can enrich the data with your notes. After making the lead list, you are also free to track the potential customer. Following the potential customer gives you enough information, which is helpful to personalize messages when connecting with the potential customer. 


4. A Platform To Start Conversations 


Sales Navigator helps in the initial stages of the sales process by helping you identify the prospects and create a lead list. It also provides additional alerts on all the dynamic parameters. The last action, which involves starting a conversation, can also be taken care of with Sales Navigator. 


Firstly you can always connect with other like-minded people on Linked in groups. Using the advanced filters of Sales Navigator, you can identify people of a particular group. After identifying the people in the group, you can connect with them through personalized messages. 


Sales Navigator also supports InMails; the platform subscribers have 50 InMails credits available in a month. With InMails, the Sales Navigator’s subscriber can send a message to another user even if they are not connected. The best part is that this message will land directly in the prospect’s inbox. 


Apart from sending messages, it is also a valuable feature to boost the acceptance rate of the connection request. However, because of the limited InMails credit, it should be the last resort to send a message to a LinkedIn prospect. 


5. Generates Lead Automatically 


After generating the first lead list, you will get busy prospecting. Will you run out of leads after that? What about when you have contacted all the people on the lead list?


With Sales Navigator, the answer is no. It is because the tool automates the lead generation process through recommendation. A user can save different criteria like industry and function. Based on the requirements, Sales Navigator automatically generates leads. 


The Lead Recommendation feature of the tool provides the users with leads based on the historically saved leads and presets. Furthermore, these leads will align with the buyer persona. Therefore, with Sales Navigator, it is possible to build a high-quality pipeline without too much effort. 


6. Helps Stay In Touch With Key Accounts


The tool automatically alerts you about new opportunities and needs when you use saved leads on Sales Navigator. Such alerts can be for receiving notifications like job changes and industry-related topic questions. 


Also, it is compatible with popular CRMs so that the user can utilize the power of two solutions. Users can transfer information from CRM to Sales Navigator and vice versa. It is a good integration because it helps the salesperson build relationships with the Linked network and pre-existing CRM contacts. 


Additionally, the out-of-network feature of Sales Navigator can help a user uncover hidden leads. With this feature, it is possible to access more than 350 million LinkedIn members, including those not present in your network. 


The Takeaway


Sales Navigator is a valuable tool for Sales Development reps, Account Executives, Account Managers, Sales Administrators, Managers, and Program managers. It is conducive to supporting social selling by creating an array of opportunities and possibilities for the sales team. Its three plans are powerful enough to meet the requirements of individuals, teams, and enterprises. 


Lastly, if you are wondering whether LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth the money, the straight answer is yes. However, if you are still skeptical, you can go for the trial version before making an actual purchase. 

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