Why Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator? (Top 6 Reasons)

Why Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator? (Top 6 Reasons)

Sales Navigator is the flagship product of LinkedIn. The product is designed while keeping the requirements of the sales managers, reps, and ops leaders. With Sales Navigator, it is possible to utilize all the insight and data available on LinkedIn fully. Furthermore, it serves as a relationship-built tool too. 


The tool is prevalent amongst B2B companies because it is instrumental in crafting sales strategies. The return on investment on Sales Navigator is immense. Thanks to rich data and insight, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps its users crush their sales goals


The Use Of Sales Navigator


The ultimate aim of Sales Navigator is to help sales professionals to identify targets to increase their conversion. The tool helps the users to do so by allowing them to track the developments of the target audience. 


The tool helps the user know the prospect’s buying intent or job change.  Lastly, it aims to help the users to connect and communicate with the prospect to move ahead with the selling process. 


To sum it up, Sales Navigator is a handy tool for customer acquisition and conversion. Its features provide everything necessary to make it possible. Let us now focus on the most crucial usage of Sales Navigator by checking its important features.


1. Identifies The Ideal Customer 


Sales Navigator supports advanced search, which you can use for identifying the ideal customers. The advanced search supports 20+ search filters. You can use these filters to narrow down your prospects and identify the ideal customer in a short time. 


Also, once you find an ideal customer using Sales Navigator, the tool shows 100 leads that match the prospect’s arena. The similarity can be in terms of industry, company, and job titles. Additionally, you can use filters in these “similar prospects” to find the right customer again. 


Just like LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator also shows the users the people who have viewed their profile in the last 90 days. Most of the time, the people who view your profile are often interested in your business. 


Therefore, you can reach out to such potential customers and connect with them with this information. 


An additional handy feature of Sales Navigator is to blocklist names while identifying the prospects. This feature is helpful because it is beneficial to avoid members of your competing company. 


2. Easy Introduction To Prospect 


The team link feature of Sales Navigator detects if any prospects are already connected to one of your teammates. 


When a lead shares a mutual connection with your teammate, you can use the “Leads with TeamLink Intro” feature. Clicking on this link will show you who the teammate is. 


Once this information is with you, proceed to request your teammate to introduce you to the prospect. It makes the introduction easy and, in addition to it, also leaves favorable information to the potential customer. 


Even if there is no mutual connection, the Teamlink feature is still beneficial. It is because as soon as there is a mutual connection in the future, Teamlink will automatically update you about the same. 


3. Helps Create Lead Lists 


When you identify the lead based on the selected criteria, you can proceed to create a lead list. You can create multiple lead lists on Sales Navigator based on the customer marketing material. 


While creating the lead list, you can enrich the data with your notes. After making the lead list, you are also free to track the potential customer. Following the potential customer gives you enough information, which is helpful to personalize messages when connecting with the potential customer. 


4. A Platform To Start Conversations 


Sales Navigator helps in the initial stages of the sales process by helping you identify the prospects and create a lead list. It also provides additional alerts on all the dynamic parameters. The last action, which involves starting a conversation, can also be taken care of with Sales Navigator. 


Firstly you can always connect with other like-minded people on Linked in groups. Using the advanced filters of Sales Navigator, you can identify people of a particular group. After identifying the people in the group, you can connect with them through personalized messages. 


Sales Navigator also supports InMails; the platform subscribers have 50 InMails credits available in a month. With InMails, the Sales Navigator’s subscriber can send a message to another user even if they are not connected. The best part is that this message will land directly in the prospect’s inbox. 


Apart from sending messages, it is also a valuable feature to boost the acceptance rate of the connection request. However, because of the limited InMails credit, it should be the last resort to send a message to a LinkedIn prospect. 


5. Generates Lead Automatically 


After generating the first lead list, you will get busy prospecting. Will you run out of leads after that? What about when you have contacted all the people on the lead list?


With Sales Navigator, the answer is no. It is because the tool automates the lead generation process through recommendation. A user can save different criteria like industry and function. Based on the requirements, Sales Navigator automatically generates leads. 


The Lead Recommendation feature of the tool provides the users with leads based on the historically saved leads and presets. Furthermore, these leads will align with the buyer persona. Therefore, with Sales Navigator, it is possible to build a high-quality pipeline without too much effort. 


6. Helps Stay In Touch With Key Accounts


The tool automatically alerts you about new opportunities and needs when you use saved leads on Sales Navigator. Such alerts can be for receiving notifications like job changes and industry-related topic questions. 


Also, it is compatible with popular CRMs so that the user can utilize the power of two solutions. Users can transfer information from CRM to Sales Navigator and vice versa. It is a good integration because it helps the salesperson build relationships with the Linked network and pre-existing CRM contacts. 


Additionally, the out-of-network feature of Sales Navigator can help a user uncover hidden leads. With this feature, it is possible to access more than 350 million LinkedIn members, including those not present in your network. 


The Takeaway


Sales Navigator is a valuable tool for Sales Development reps, Account Executives, Account Managers, Sales Administrators, Managers, and Program managers. It is conducive to supporting social selling by creating an array of opportunities and possibilities for the sales team. Its three plans are powerful enough to meet the requirements of individuals, teams, and enterprises. 


Lastly, if you are wondering whether LinkedIn Sales Navigator is worth the money, the straight answer is yes. However, if you are still skeptical, you can go for the trial version before making an actual purchase. 

Difference Between LinkedIn Premium And Sales Navigator

Difference Between LinkedIn Premium And Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is much more than a social, professional social media network. Its remarkable features have become an indispensable tool for marketers, salespeople, and even recruiters. Even though the platform is free to use, it supports premium versions with more advanced features that increase opportunities in different arenas. 


LinkedIn offers two essential premium tools. Firstly, we have LinkedIn Premium, which is basically the advanced version of LinkedIn. On the other hand, we have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which is a tool specifically designed for salespeople. 


Both LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are premium packages by LinkedIn. Not many know the difference between the two, which naturally creates confusion. In this article, we will understand more about these premium plans and dig deep to understand the difference between the two. Let’s begin. 


What Is LinkedIn Premium?


As the name suggests, LinkedIn Premium is the upgraded version of the basic LinkedIn account. However, it has two variants of its own. The first is a tool for job seekers, and the other is for business leaders. 


For this particular analysis, we will focus on LinkedIn Premium Business. 


LinkedIn Premium helps expand the user’s network through InMail, which provides a way to contact industry leaders, peers, and potential leaders without sharing a connection. The InMail feature of LinkedIn Premium is 2.6 times more effective than standalone emails in expanding the professional network. 


Also, LinkedIn Premium gives users the freedom to explore the business world by connecting with new companies. Using LinkedIn Premium, the user also knows who viewed their profiles. 


With this information, the users can turn their views into opportunities. With LinkedIn Premium, the viewers of the last 90 days are visible. 


Additional features of LinkedIn Premium Business are private browsing, applicant insights, unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, business insights, and unlimited people browsing. 


LinkedIn Premium Business supports 15 InMail credits, and LinkedIn Premium Career offers its users five InMail credits.


What Is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a LinkedIn tool designed to target the right buyers by understanding the key insights. Furthermore, it also helps the user to engage with the prospects through personalized outreach. 


To be specific, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps users to focus on three aspects:


  1. Finding the right lead: Target
  2. Tracking the lead and the company: Understanding Insights 
  3. Reaching out and engaging with the prospects: Engagement


LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports advanced search, allowing users to engage in the company search and lead generation. This feature is highly beneficial in identifying the right prospect. 


Also, based on the leads the users choose, the tool automatically customizes the suggestions to help them quickly discover the correct lead. 


Additionally, it supports CRM integration. With this integration, it is possible to automatically save the generated list and manage the activity in CRM with just a click. CRM integration is also helpful in organizing prospect leads. It is because Sales Navigator allows you to take notes along with tags. The same syncs with the CRM.


Also, the tool updates the users whenever a change happens in the prospect’s activity. For instance, if a prospect changes their job, Sales Navigator will update the user about the same. Furthermore, just like LinkedIn Premium, users can see who viewed their profile in the last 90 days, even with Sales Navigator. 


Sales Navigator also supports InMail message, which is a sales-friendly tool. With InMail messages, it is possible to send messages to a lead directly in their inbox, even when there is no connection between the sender and the receiver. 


Additional advantages of the tool include Smart Links Presentations and Team Link. The Smart Links Presentation helps share sales content. Its viewing is easier for both the buyer and seller as it eliminates the need to download. Further, the user can also check who viewed the presentation. 


On the other hand, TeamLink allows the user to use the company’s combined network to connect with the prospecting leads. 


Sales Navigator supports all the features of Premium Business. In addition, it supports additional features like advanced search, a standalone sales interface, custom leads, an account list, lead recommendations, saved leads,, and real-time updates. LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports 50 InMail credits. 


Lastly, Linked Sales Navigator has three further variants. These are


  • Core: Suitable for individual sales professionals
  • Advanced: Suitable for prospecting sales teams
  • Advanced Plus: Suitable for the sales organization


Only the Advanced Plus plan supports features like CRM Sync and Advanced CRM integrations. 


LinkedIn Premium vs. Sales Navigator: What To Choose?


We now know the primary difference between LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator, but what to choose between the two, and which one is better?


The previous analysis indicates that Sales Navigator offers all the features of LinkedIn Premium, and for just a few more bucks, it offers plenty of additional features too. It is definitely a massive benefit for the users who purchase the Sales Navigator subscriptions. 


However, it also needs to be taken into consideration that LinkedIn Premium is easy to use and offers the user more streamlined options. 


Also, LinkedIn Premium extends the essential services of LinkedIn. It is not the case with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which offers the users a completely new interface and module to work. 


Both LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator have their own set of pros and cons. The right product for the user depends upon the user’s intention. The Premium Business is suitable for users who want to engage in better social networks and research. 


However, if the users want to use LinkedIn as a lead generation platform, the Sales Navigator offers the best value for the money as it has plenty of features. The difference between Business Premium and Sales Navigator is hardly $10; therefore, Sales Navigator is definitely worth the money and is the winner.


Final Verdict 


Even though both LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator are good tools, Sales Navigator is definitely the winner. The simple reason is that for a minor price difference, Sales Navigator provides plenty of valuable resources to generate leads, capture email and engage with professional networks. 


LinkedIn supports trials for these premium subscriptions. If you are still confused, we recommend trying its trial and then choosing the tool that best meets your requirements. 

How To Get Valid Email Address From LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

How To Get Valid Email Address From LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Even though LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with emails, extracting emails through it doesn’t always work. Firstly, even though LinkedIn Sales Navigator fetches the email addresses of the leads, it is tough to identify which email addresses are valid and which are not. Perhaps this is why many people prefer to use an email finder to fetch valid email addresses. 


Finding the email addresses of the first-degree connection is the easiest. However, even for first-degree connections, only 30% of the profiles will have an email address. Furthermore, 60% of the email addresses of the first-degree connections are personal.


Finding Valid Emails Through LinkedIn Sales Navigator Is Tough


The main problem of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it doesn’t make it easy for its users to export search results that may include valid emails easily. Also, if someone chooses to hide their email addresses, irrespective of the fact whether the contact shares the first-degree connection or not, it is impossible to lay your hand on the email address.


Additionally, many LinkedIn users create an account using their personal email address, which they never change. Compared to professional email addresses, personal email addresses are of not much use. 


Furthermore, without a first-degree connection and private email address setting, even  LinkedIn Sales Navigator cannot help you with their email addresses. 


To sum up, even though LinkedIn Sales Navigator is beneficial in finding the right prospects to build a lead list, it is not very efficient in providing an email address to nurture the lead. 


Where Are Email Addresses On LinkedIn?


Before understanding how to use LinkedIn email finder to extract valid email addresses, let us first see where one can find an email address on LinkedIn. Generally, you can find your email addresses in three places on LinkedIn:


The “Contact Info” Section.


Below the headline, you will find the link for “Contact Info.” If someone has made their email address public, you can easily find the email address and other information like phone numbers and social media links in this section. 




It’s in trend for B2B professionals to put their contact information in the banner they use on their LinkedIn profiles. It’s a move taken by the users even to give the non-connections a chance to contact them. 


LinkedIn Bio 


Lastly, many LinkedIn users put their working professional email address, sometimes with a phone number, at the end of the bio. It is a call-to-action strategy on their part. 


Email Scraping From LinkedIn Sales Navigator Is Inefficient 


We have just discussed how LinkedIn Sales Navigator does not always fetch you an email address. Now the question is, how valid are the email addresses that LinkedIn Sales Navigator manages to fetch?


The short answer is using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to scrap email addresses is inefficient. There are three primary reasons for this.


First, most of the email addresses are outdated. For instance, most users never update their email addresses after creating a LinkedIn account with it.


Based on their job change, their professional email address also keeps changing. As a result, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s email address might be outdated or not in use. Therefore, the contact information’s email address differs from the actual professional email address. 


As discussed above, 60% of LinkedIn email addresses are personal. It goes against professional ethics to use personal emails for prospecting. Not only the prospect won’t appreciate this move, but in a few countries, it is illegal too. 


Lastly, not all email addresses are verified. Sending emails to a large number of email addresses that actually don’t exist might mark your email address as a spammer. It creates an additional layer of problems while connecting with genuine leads with the correct email addresses. 


How To Get Valid Email Address From LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


Now that we know about the problems of fetching valid email addresses through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, let us see what we can do to solve this issue. 


LinkedIn email extractor or LinkedIn email finder is a software that helps users to extract valid email addresses from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is primarily available as a Chrome extension or web app.


With LinkedIn email finder, it is possible to build a strong email list of contacts in your lead list. You can also use it to overcome the frustrating limit of the LinkedIn InMail system. 


Also, LinkedIn email extractor allows you to modify the criteria to generate a list of only active email addresses. 


In the next section, we will discuss how you can use a LinkedIn email extraction tool to fetch valid email addresses from LinkedIn. 


How To Use LinkedIn Email Extractor To Find Valid Email Addresses?


The functioning of nearly all the LinkedIn email extractors in the market is nearly the same. 


Firstly, you need to create a lead list using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then choose a LinkedIn email extraction software that supports a good hit and accuracy rate. Once you have selected the email finder software and the lead list is ready, download it.  


After downloading, you can use the LinkedIn extraction tool as a Google Chrome extension if the software supports it. With a Google Chrome extension, a mini icon of the tool will appear in the top right corner of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Whenever you wish to extract an email, simply click on the icon, and the tool will work to fetch the valid email address from the profile. 


After extracting the email address, if you have the option to export it to the CRM directly, use the feature to speed up the prospecting process. If the LinkedIn email extractor provides an email verification feature, use it to double-check whether the email id is valid or not. 


However, if the LinkedIn email extractor does not support an email verification tool, we recommend you use other software to get the job done. ‘


To summarize, extracting a valid email address from LinkedIn using Linked Sales Navigator involves three steps:


  1. Use the Sales Navigator’s advanced search feature to create a lead list. 
  2. Sync the connections between the Sales Navigator and a CRM. Sales Navigator supports seamless synching with Salesforce Hubspot, Outreach, and Pipedrive.
  3. Enrich the lead list using a Linkedin email extractor/finder.


An additional step involves verifying the emails after extracting them.


Good email extractor software is the one that, apart from getting valid email addresses, also updates the changes in the CRM as soon as it happens. To speed up the work, sync your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account with the CRM. 




LinkedIn Sales Navigator is undoubtedly a handy tool for B2B companies to generate leads. It automates lead generation to a certain extent.


However, it is not a good tool for extracting the email addresses for nurturing the leads. But a suitable LinkedIn email extractor can quickly fix this issue.

How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

How Much Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable resource for any salesperson because of its ability to create a highly targeted search using numerous criteria. Also, the tool allows the user to reach out to the leads in multiple ways. No wonder it boosts the conversion and helps build rapport for the businesses. 


If you plan to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to smoothen the sales process but are unsure about its pricing, we are here to help you. 


To begin with, LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports three premium plans:


  • Sales Navigator Core: $99.99 per user per month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: $159.99 per user per month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Available upon request


If you go for an annual subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the price drops by 25%. Finally, the revised price looks like this:


  • Sales Navigator Core: $79.99 per user per month; billed $959.88 annually
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: $108.33 per user per month; billed $1300.00 annually
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Available upon request


Now that we know the pricing of different plans for the Sales Navigator, let us analyze all the packages to help you choose the best plan for you and your team. We will start with the basic plan, which is Sales Navigator Core.


Sales Navigator Core Features


Starting with a price of $79.99 per user per month, Sales Navigator Core is the basic premium plan that gives access to LinkedIn subscriptions and LinkedIn Learning. It is also helpful for job seekers. 


Also, it provides the users with extended network access that includes features like saved searches and unlimited searches. You can also use this access to see who viewed your profile in the last three months. 


The InMail reach of Sales Navigator Core is 50 messages in a month. The plan also supports the most valuable features of Sales Navigator: advanced search and sales spotlight that help find the right people. 


You can use the core plan to prioritize and qualify leads with leads, account recommendations, and sales preferences. Furthermore, you can keep track of the companies and people through saved leads and accounts, custom lists, notes, and alerts. 


Additionally, you can integrate your Sales Navigator Core plan with other sales tools like the Sales Navigator mobile app and Outlook web integration. 


Sales Navigator Advanced Features 


Apart from offering all the Sales Navigator Core plan features, the Advanced Plans obviously support additional features. Firstly, it includes support for SNAP integration in its sales tool. Secondly, it offers interest alerts to the users. 


Also, if you have a Sales Navigator Advanced plan, you can use either TeamLink or TeamLink Extend to engage with the prospects using the team’s network. With the help of Smart Links, you can engage in advanced outreach through content packaging and engagement tracking. 


One of the essential features of the Sales Navigator Advanced plan is its administrative tools and reporting that gives access to the account center and usage reporting. Lastly, it supports SSO and Employee Data Integration as a part of its Enterprise tools. 


Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Features 


When you buy the Advanced Plus plan, you can lay your hands on all the features of Sales Navigator. Apart from supporting the features of the previous plans, it provides the users with other helpful features. However, these features mostly revolve around CRM. 


Firstly, Sales Navigator Advanced Plus supports CRM sync, including active writeback, auto-save, and ROI reporting for Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales and Salesforce. 


You can use its advanced CRM integrations for data validation and contact creation.


Do We Really Need Premium To Access Sales Navigator?


If you want to access Sales Navigator for a short time, you do not need to go for a premium plan. Are you wondering why?


It is because Sales Navigator allows you to start a free trial and request a demo. So, if you want to access Sales Navigator before buying a plan, you do not need any premium. However, if you want to use the tool for the long run, then there is no option other than buying it. 


Sales Navigator Free Trial 


Let us now focus on how you can start a trial on Sales Navigator. To begin with, you can only start a trial for either the Core or Advanced plan of Sales Navigator. If you want to try the Advanced Plus plan of Sales Navigator, you will have to request a demo. 


The trial period for Sales Navigator Core and Sales Navigator Advanced is one month. You can cancel this trial whenever you want. Also, LinkedIn will send you a reminder a week before the trial ends. 


You will need to provide your credit card details to begin the trial. During the trial, you can cancel the plan anytime from the Settings page. However, if you do not cancel the plan, you will be charged either a monthly or annual subscription based on your chosen billion options. 


Remember that when you cancel a plan, you will only lose the premium features at the end of the billing cycle and not immediately when you cancel it. Therefore, keep using the premium features as long as possible, even after canceling the plan. 


To request a demo of the Sales Navigator Advanced Plan, you need to fill in a simple form that requires you to provide basic information like your name, company, email, phone number, control, and role in the company. 


After having this information, a LinkedIn sales specialist will contact you for a demo. 


Conditions For Sales Navigator Free Trial


Not everyone can avail the free trial of Sales Navigator. A person who wants to go for a free trial of the software should not be a part of any paid subscription plan on LinkedIn. The second and last condition is that you must not have taken any LinkedIn free trials for the last 365 days. 


You can only start a free trial by providing your credit card information when you meet these conditions. 


Which Sales Navigator Premium Plan Should You Opt For?


The plan that you should buy depends upon your requirements. However, here is a basic guideline for choosing the right plan. 


If you are an individual user who wants to use Sales Navigator to close more deals, then the Core plan will suffice your requirement. Choose the Advanced Plan if you’re going to use the tool for the entire sales team to harness the shared network power for building client relationships. Lastly, the Sales Navigator Advanced Plus plan can help expand the company’s network. Therefore, Advanced Plus is a suitable plan for the entire sales organization. 


If you are still confused about the plan you should buy, opt for a free trial or demo. It will give you the clarity of the premium plan that will fetch you the best investment.

How To Generate Leads From Linkedin Sales Navigator?

How To Generate Leads From Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Not only is LinkedIn a great platform for building professional relationships, but it also is a valuable resource for B2B companies. LinkedIn increases the value that it provides with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 


Social selling is critical for any B2B business and can be taken care of by LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The tool supports plenty of filters and tools to narrow the search result, which helps create a customer profile and lead list. 


Before understanding how to generate leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, let us first focus on the tool itself.


What Is a LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool with potent search capabilities. It helps improve the visibility of the extended network and comes with a personalized algorithm that enables you to make the right decision. This is what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is, according to LinkedIn. 


This tool benefits sales professionals who need to engage with LinkedIn contacts often. Basically, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling platform by LinkedIn. 


The tool is intended for salespeople, sales managers, sales specialists, and sales executives. It makes relationship-based selling easy by helping you connect with the right people. Other benefits of the tools include acquiring new businesses and rapport building


Usages Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator


You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create a list of highly targeted people, and we are talking about a huge list. It also helps identify and differentiate between the active and the inactive targets. 


Also, you can use the tool with other private software to automate connection with the prospect, which helps save time, effort, and energy. 


To sum it up, with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find, connect and further build relationships with prospects who are within the network data of LinkedIn


Now that we know what LinkedIn Sales Navigator is and how it can help you let us dive deeper to understand how to generate leads from this tool. 


How To Generate Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator?


Here is a mini-guide to help you get started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can complete the entire process of using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads in two simple steps. 


1. Use advanced search filters


LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides 30 search criteria in its advanced search engine. A few examples of the criteria are company headcount, job title, seniority level, years in the current company, and years of experience. 


Using this search feature, you carry an unlimited number of searches. A few of the basic criteria that the filters work on are: company, function, personal, workflow, and spotlight. By selecting the required criteria in the advanced search filter, you can narrow or broaden your search result as much as possible. 


Also, the search filter comes with plenty of additional valuable features. For instance, you can use the spotlight category to include dynamic filters that include news mentions and job changes. 


The LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s search filter result not only helps you find the right prospect but also provides you with relevant content that you might need to send a personalized message


2. Create A Lead List


Once you have identified the prospect with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s search filter, you can proceed to create a lead list. 


To create a lead list on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, follow these steps:


  1. Select the leads by ticking the checkbox 
  2. Click on “Save to list.” 
  3. Name the list by clicking on “+.”


After creating a lead list and saving the contacts, you can access the list from the “Lead List” tab. 


Can I Export Leads From Sales Navigator?


Once you have a lead list ready, you might want to use it with any third-party software for better results. In such a case, you might wonder if you can export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 


The answer is yes. You can export the leads from Sales Navigator to a CRM or CSV. 


However, you will need additional tools to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Thankfully, plenty of Chrome extensions are available to help you get the job done. 


How To Use Lead List For Conversion?


You now have the lead list along with prospects; what’s next? From the lead list of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can send direct connection requests to potential customers. You can also skip the process of sending a connection request with Inmails. 


Inmails are premium LinkedIn messages that allow you to send messages to a prospect in a manner that the message directly lands in the inbox. However, the number of messages you can send via Inmails is limited. 


Therefore, we recommend you send a connection request first and use the Inmail message option as a last resort. 


Furthermore, you can take notes on the lead list, which helps you track all the connection requests and Inmails messages. 


Another handy feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is that it tracks the activity of all the contacts in your lead list. You can switch on this feature to stay updated on their LinkedIn activity. Again this feature is convenient for sending personalized messages to prospects. 


Best Features Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator


In the previous sections, we considered the essential LinkedIn Sales Navigator features to help you generate leads. However, the tool offers many other resourceful features that you can use to improve lead generation quality. Here is a list of the other good features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 


1. Finds People Within The Groups


The basic LinkedIn plan allows users to search for groups with the help of keywords. However, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can find people within the group. Once you have the information about the people there, you can start by sending them personal connections. 


2. View Similar 


Why limit yourself to a specific batch of prospects when LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers you much more than that? Using this tool, you can find an entire bunch of relevant leads similar to your prospects. 


To use this feature, visit the search bar in Sales Navigator and look at your target market. Select any lead from the search result and click “View Similar.” This simple action will generate hundreds of other leads similar to your customer. 


3. Boolean Searches 


By combining keywords with operators like OR, NOT, and AND, you can run a Boolean search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You can also use parentheses and quotes to run this search. This feature helps you narrow your list to meet the specific requirements further. 


Wrap Up 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an effective tool for prospecting and outreach. The tool houses plenty of resources that help you create the perfect lead list and provides you with ways to reach them. LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides a sure-shot way to identify prospects, develop new connections, and further strengthen customer relationships.