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Frequently Asked Questions

What data does Lyne need to start?

The only data Lyne needs to start a scan is a list of emails or LinkedIn profiles, however more input usually equals better output.

How long does it take to write lines?

Lyne is able to write up to 1000 intros per hour and we’re only getting faster.

How much post-editing is required?

95-99% of the classic intro lines are typically good to go. Generally, it is best practice to review the intro lines before sending out a campaign. A batch of 300 intro lines may take around 15 minutes to review. Our “No-Touch” Lynes take 0 review and are always ready to send out directly.

How do Lyne credits work?

1 credit = 1 row with output. One row can contain multiple intro lines. We never charge a credit if we aren’t able to produce any output.

How does your billing work?

We work with the Stripe self service platform, meaning you’ll have full control over your monthly or yearly subscriptions in a secure environment.

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Move beyond characterless merge tags like {{first_name}} or {{company_name}} and watch your warm responses skyrocket. All thanks to A.I. based personalization.

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Made by cold email professionals in the trenches, we know what your day to day looks like. We’re here to make it easier.

Cold email automation


Boost productivity and power up your outbound lead engine by linking with your favorite sales tech.


Cold email icebreakers

A.I. Icebreakers

A.I powered cold email "icebreakers" allow you to easily connect with your prospects.


Cold email research

Unmatched Scale

Automatically research thousands of prospects per hour, uncovering insights that would take you hours to find.


Lead generation workflows

Easy Workflows

Easily set up workflows that will take you from raw prospect data to hyper-personalized cold messages out the door faster than ever before.


In the Cloud

Never sit around waiting for your results. Simply upload your data to your dashboard and we'll remind you when your work is done.


Cold email scraping

Lead Scraping

Use our Chrome Extension to scrape prospects and their professional emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Personalize at Scale with

Lyne offers sales personalization and automation at scale

Scrape Leads from LinkedIn
Use our Chrome Extension to scrape valid work emails, mobiles, and more from Sales Navigator.