A boost of AI for your cold email campaigns

Combine AI and email. Send hyper-personalized cold emails at scale & boost response rates.

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    Cold email AI

    How AI can improve cold
    email performance

    Move beyond general personalization like {{first_name}}. Leverage AI to hyper-personalize your cold outreach at scale.

    Cold email research

    In-Depth Research

    Our AI models are able to uncover prospecting data that would take your best SDR hours to find & leverage.

    Scaling cold email

    Scalable Operations

    Forget training and managing a workforce. Hire a robot as your next employee and scale your operations in a reliable way.

    Book more demos

    Incredible Demo Booked Rates

    Schedule more demos and increase revenue. Personalized emails are proven to increase demo booked rates and campaign performance.

    Increase reply rates from cold email

    More Positive Replies

    Not every reply equals a lead. But with more positive replies and future opportunities coming in your campaigns perform better on all fronts.

    Personalized cold email

    Personalized Across Channels

    Our output contains up to 12 different personalization points. Personalize outreach across different channels and touchpoints for the ultimate performance boost.

    Improve cold email performance

    Improve Across the Board

    With matching subject lines to your hyper-personalization you can now supercharge your open rates, reply rates, and demo booked rates.

    Hyper personalize cold emails with just a few

    Set up an automated lead generation bot with the help of AI, all in one seamless workflow.

    Personalized cold email intros
    AI Personalization for email
    Scale cold email with AI

    Email Personalization

    Our A.I. ensures every single prospect sees content specific to them,
    all the time. With hundreds of generic cold emails landing in spam
    and inbox folders daily, personalization will help you stand out.
    AI Powered lead generation
    AI Powered cold email bot

    Send Cold Emails
    That Connect

    Personalize your emails based on your prospects’ online activities.
    Start any cold email with a personalized note and connect instantly
    with your prospects.

    A Proven Playbook
    Available at Scale.

    Personalized cold emails work. Use a proven playbook
    at a scale your competitors can’t match. Leverage A.I. to raise your
    cold email game.

    Improve cold email performance


    Save time and boost efficiency by
    integrating with your sales stack

    Cold email integrations

    Real Stories from
    Real Customers

    Get inspired by these stories.

    Knowledge X logo

    Lyne has saved my agency time and money so we could focus on other parts of our strategy that we're tackling. Using Lyne allowed us to scale with less resources and for cheaper.

    Andre Haykal Jr.
    Co-Founder, KnowledgeX

    Lyne has helped me save tons of time and money compared to before when I was outsourcing my first line writing to freelancers who would take days or weeks to finish what Lyne can do in half an hour.

    Eetu Nousiainen
    Founder, ExplainerLeads
    blnk logo

    I'd recommend Lyne for everyone looking to scale their outreach while saving time. I've spent hours every single day on my outreach, but Lyne has allowed me to free up time while getting more responses from prospects

    Kjetil Longva
    Founder, BLNK

    Additional AI-powered email tools and

    Made by cold email professionals in the trenches, we know what your day to day looks like. We’re here to make it easier.

    Cold email automation


    Boost productivity and power up your outbound lead engine by linking Lyne.ai with your favorite sales tech.


    Cold email icebreakers

    A.I. Icebreakers

    A.I powered cold email “icebreakers” allow you to easily connect with your prospects.


    Cold email research

    Unmatched Scale

    Automatically research thousands of prospects per hour, uncovering insights that would take you hours to find.


    Lead generation workflows

    Easy Workflows

    Easily set up workflows that will take you from raw prospect data to hyper-personalized cold messages out the door faster than ever before.


    In the Cloud

    Never sit around waiting for your results. Simply upload your data to your dashboard and we’ll remind you when your work is done.


    Cold email scraping

    Lead Scraping

    Use our Chrome Extension to scrape prospects and their professional emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator


    Scrape Leads from LinkedIn
    Use our Chrome Extension to scrape valid work emails, mobiles, and more from Sales Navigator.