Lead generation can be an exhausting and thankless task.  You’re constantly monitoring hundreds of conversations, maintaining multiple drip campaigns, and trying to keep on top of where potential leads are in the journey towards becoming customers.  It’s like spinning plates – sooner or later something is going to fall and smash!

The job can be made considerably easier when you invest in an AI lead generation bot to generate leads at scale and personalize your emails.  Tools like Lyne.ai will analyze your email list, personalize emails, and turn those cold emails into hot leads.  It will work tirelessly and efficiently, so that you never miss an opportunity.

Let’s look closer at how AI makes your lead generation friction free.


Why do AI Lead Generation Bots beat Humans?


Firstly, AI doesn’t forget – it is consistent in its approach, so you’ll know that every lead gets the same attention and focus. Results should be comparable and predictable in their outcome, making them easy to measure and score. Once you’ve used the tool for awhile, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Secondly, AI can be left running long after you’ve closed the office and switched off the lights.  Work on the west coast but want to target potential leads in New York at the end of their working day?  An AI bot can be set to send that first speculative email anytime you like.  It can run all night to complete a large-scale emailing list if you need it to.

Thirdly, AI does not need to be trained, or certified by means of a corporate induction.  Unlike a human, it does not require a few weeks to bed in before reaching peak performance.  It does exactly what you want, day one, straight out of the box.

Lastly, should you want to scale up your operation, an AI-based system can readily handle the increased volume. Whether you’re running an agency and are looking to scale, or you’re a sales professional in need of more leads, you’ll want to scale up at some point.


You won’t need to go on a hiring spree or pull in temps to handle your mass marketing campaign.  You’ll save the time and expense of a hiring round, while benefiting from increased productivity and efficiency.  That sounds like a win win to us.


What can a lead generation bot do?


So, what exactly can a system like Lyne.ai do?  


The best AI bots scrape data from your target sites and produce clean, accurate personalized fields so that your emails are always opened.  Studies have shown that personalized emails are 36% more likely to be opened.  Don’t believe us?  Check out this statistical round-up in Forbes magazine, which demonstrated, amongst other revelations, that 90% of US consumers find personalized marketing somewhat or very appealing.


With a sophisticated AI bot like Lyne.ai, emails can be automated andsent at regular, timed intervals, to specified sub-lists.  Campaigns can be timed to hit inboxes at specific times of the day or days of the week.  Whatever works for you, the AI bot can schedule it to perfection.


Imagine you’re running a lead generation agency.  With an AI bot onboard, you can farm out a large slice of your routine work to thebot, freeing up staff to work with clients more intensively,providing them with a more personal service, or working at growing and developing other business opportunities.


How do I set up my bot?


Let’s look at how Lyne.ai works and how simple it is to set up.

AI lead generation bot settings

  1. Sign up for a free Lyne.ai account here, and try out the bot with 25 credits granted to your account.  This will allow you to write 25 icebreakers to your prospects.


2. Tell Lyne.ai what sort of personalization you want.  For instance, select personalization based self-published content and we’ll find podcast appearances, substack newsletters, and more.


3. The AI will generate personalized snippets which you can opt to use within your email.  You do this by inserting simple merge field tags, such as {{Sample Tag}}.  Lyne.ai works using the same techniques you’d use when composing automated emails; for instance, including {{firstname}} in the first line of your cold emails.


4. You can set the AI lead generation bot up to scrape data from various sources related to each target, including case studies, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, recent news and company information on corporate websites. It’s entirely up to you which source you prefer.


5. Sync Lyne.ai with your cold email automation software.  Lyne.ai allows for a range of app integrations, including Woodpecker, Lemlist and Mailshake.



Where do I get access to an automated lead generation bot?


We’re a little biased, it’s true, but we think Lyne.ai is the best AI lead generation bot on the market. We believe this for one simple reason – we built it that way.


Simply sign up for free at Lyne.ai, you’ll be awarded 25 free credits, as a thank you for joining us.  


Lyne.ai is the industry leader in sales personalization at scale.

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