If you are struggling with reconnecting email open rates, welcome to the ultimate guide on subject line for reconnecting email.


In any industry, it is critical to connect with people and grow your network to ensure professional success. With a strong and wide network, you can gain critical insight into insider information and internal job openings within the company. In this information age, it is more important than ever to grow your network to succeed. While you can meet people in several places, such as parties, company fundraisers or even a family get together, the most effective way to grow your networking is through the Internet and Emails.


There are several opportunities as well as critical challenges associated with emails. For example, if you have not formed your emails correctly, there are chances that your email might end up in the spam of your recipient’s inbox. Even if your email does not get flagged as a spam email, if your email does not contain an effective subject line, then the chances of your email getting opened reduces by a lot.


What is Reconnecting Email?


Reconnecting Email, a relatively new term, describes a great way to improve the response rate for your emails. These emails are sent to the customers who have unsubscribed or the emails sent to a contact with whom you have lost touch. It is a tricky concept to get it absolutely right the first time. While it may seem unproductive and meaningless to send emails to someone who has already unsubscribed to your mailing list, sending concise reconnecting emails ends up increasing loyalty with your customers as well as your personal network. It is indeed one tough challenge to get it exactly right but it is possible to revive your old connections with personalised and creative emails relevant to your connections.


Benefits of Reconnecting Email


In the information age, people are constantly bombarded with information constantly via TV, Social Media, Newspaper etc. with all this information floating around, it is highly probable that a customer may forget about your product if it is no longer in their sight. That is why this type of emails are important to keep your product in focus. To increase the conversion rate and to make sure your emails are always opened, email personalization is a must.


An email body with a personalized subject line and creative ideas is essential for a perfect web email. They also serve as follow-up emails and support marketing efforts to improve sales, ​​networking and professional connections. Reconnecting with colleagues can help you get insight into new job opportunities at any firm.


There are benefits of sharing your experiences to your former colleagues as well. Reconnecting with former colleagues you can share potential job opportunities which might be beneficial to them as well as your new company. It is also possible that you are working for some organization and looking for opportunities to jump ship. While you may have already decided on what company and position you want to apply for, you are more likely to get selected for an interview if you have references.


While approaching a connection at the company you want to see yourself working for, you can mention your interest to work and talk to the people who are already working for the company and share similar interests as yours. This can lead to gaining critical references that you can use while applying for the job.


In the reconnecting email, you should mention your past and present work experiences and noteworthy challenges that you’ve overcome so they can represent you accurately in a letter of recommendation. Connections are one of the most critical sources that you can use when you are planning a career switch as well.


If you plan to move to a new industry, new work environment, you can always reconnect and reach out to your connection to ask for professional advice. Getting professional advice can take you one step ahead while competing with other applicants. You can ask your connection about how they will handle certain situations as well as gain tips on how to be better prepared for the next challenges.


Things to keep in mind while writing a reconnecting email


By now, we know the power of networking email and how much it can increase response rate. Before going any further remember the following things to consider.




If you have a certain motive behind writing a email, your motive should be stated clearly in the email without any ambiguity. You should also make sure that all-important bits of information related to the motive can be found within the email. For example, your motive behind writing it could be to ask for a referral at your connection’s organization. If that is the case, you should always make sure your are up to date resume is attached with the email as well as your contact details are mentioned with your latest work experience in the email.




Reconnecting emails should be as concise as possible. If your email is concise, it will help your recipient get the gist of your message easily. While starting with a friendly greeting, mention your motive for sending the email and make sure to include important bits of information such as how and when you wish to ever connect in person and attach your contact information with the mail. If it has been a while since you last got in touch with your connection, it is possible that they might need a reminder about your relationship with them. Once you are reconnected with the person, you might get the opportunity to describe your current situation and get updates about their professional life.


How to increase open rate for the email


No matter how many critical connections you try to reach out to if your email is not curated properly, the chances of the recipient opening your email fall drastically. In this section, we will go over several strategies to increase the chances of your recipient opening your email and responding positively. While people do prefer to be contacted via emails instead of phone calls, it does not mean they will open each and every email they get. Which would mean a lesser chance of getting new business from your email marketing.


Your email open rate, means the number of recipients that actually open the received email proportional to the number of recipients you reach out. There are various tools to find out if a recipient opened your email such as Intelliverse.


Once you know the number of recipients that opened your email, divide the number by the total number of email accounts you sent the mail to and multiply the resulting number by 100. This open rate can be used to gain insight into how well your malling approach or marketing strategy is working. There are several factors that affect open rates. 


  • Relevance to your target audience


While sending emails, relevance plays an important role. Your connections should be classified in a number of categories and emails should be sent to someone if and only if your message is of interest to the recipient. For example, if the purpose of your email is to market a new tool that helps computer programmers build softwares more efficiently, then there is no use in sending marketing emails to people that are not programmers, such as Teachers or Human Resource Managers. To get the best result out of your marketing, those emails must be sent to only those who can benefit from your email.


Sending an email that has information which is not of interest to the recipient, will keep your emails unopened.


  • Email content


Another important thing to keep in mind while sending an email is the content for your email. Your content should be something that your recipient would look forward to in subsequent emails


Your email should have tailored content for your subscribers with useful information as well as some fun bits to entertain them


  • Email list quality


Your email list also plays an important role in increasing your open rate. Your email list should ideally be generated with users willingly opting into your email list. If users are tricked to sign up for the mailing list, then they are highly probable to ignore your emails as well as report your emails as spam, which will, in turn, reduce your open rate by a lot


  • Subject Lines


Most recipients base their decision to open email or not on just the subject line of the email. As someone who wants their sent email to be opened as often as possible, the subject line is the one shot to make the first impression. So, it is critical to craft the subject line with utmost care.


These subject lines should carry concise information to represent the content of the email as well as catch the attention of any reader.


Using Lyne.ai to increase open rates


If you want to get the best open rates possible for your email, you would need to do hours of research to get the critical bits of information on your subscriber. For example, let’s say you want to send mail to a customer named “Mike Smith”, then you would need to do extensive research on the background and online presence of “Mike Smith”. This would mean hours of internet searches to gather their work experience, resume, their connections, Linkedin profile, education background and also reading through it.


Using Lyne.ai to increase open rates


While it may be fruitful to do such an extensive search if you are targeting just one subscriber, but if your mailing list contains more than one subscriber, then this research becomes tedious, not to mention the hours of workforce that can be utilized in some other task.


So, to make this process, intelligent Artificial intelligence tools, such as Lyne.ai can be used. Lyne will do all required research for you and gather important insight from information to craft emails while ensuring the best possible open rates.


Lyne AI model will do in depth research to uncover prospecting data which would take typical researcher hours to find and utilize. As Lyne AI is scalable, it needs no training or management. It is like employing a robot as your employee to scale operations reliably. Lyne ensures personalized emails to make sure your emails do not end up in spam and stand out in your recipient’s inbox.


To take advantage of this incredible tool, you would first need to gather as much data on your subscribers as possible. This data includes their Full names, linkedin profile url, work, education, etc. Then Lyne ai works on provided data and creates personalized email content.


For example, if it is discovered in the research that the subscriber attended Howard for their education, Lyne will generate the following introduction, “Noticed you went to Howard – go Bisons!”. This content shows that you, the sender, care about the recipients’ alma mater, and their favourite sports team. Now this email will connect better to your subscriber. You can also use Lyne chrome extension to scrape prospects and their professional emails from the LinkedIn scraper. 


Lyne utilizes the online activity of your subscriber to connect better. For example, if your subscriber appeared on a show podcast it would generate email content with the following icebreaker, “Enjoyed your recent interview on the podcast, really enjoyed your thoughts on what it takes to be a highly effective leader”


Network Email subject lines


Networking is one of the most important components for having a successful career in any industry. The more you network with people, the more opportunities you will be aware of with a specific industry.


When reaching out to potential connections for networking, it is vital to ensure that the subject line is appealing and effective. In this section we will be going over several proven successful examples of networking email subject lines.


For any networking email, the subject line would be the first thing a connection sees while receiving an email. When you send an email, it goes directly to the recipient’s inbox if it is not flagged as spam. Effective and genuine subject lines play an important role to ensure your email does not get flagged by spam.

After reaching the inbox, the recipient only sees the subject line of email before opening the email. So, it is really important to ensure your subject line is informative and catchy enough for diverting readers’ attention to the email and making them open the email. With attractive subject lines, it is possible to prevent the case where the reader deletes the email without even opening the email.


Tips for subject line of reconnecting Email


While there can be a lot of ways to follow up while crafting your next email, make sure to follow the below tips to stay a step ahead.


  • Make it personal


Personalized subject line ensures that your email does not end up in a spam box and it will give assurance to the recipient that the email comes from someone they know and not some spam.


There are many ways you can craft the subject line. Subject line is only limited by the information you have on the recipient. You can utilize the linkedin scraper of Lyne ai to get more information for an individual. One of many ways you can write the subject line is to include the subscriber’s name. For example, “Hey Jack, reaching out regarding {motive}”


You can also use their job title, mutual interests, events that you both have attended in past or the topics your recipient is interested in. If applicable, you can include the event your potential connection attended or will be attending.


  • Catchy Subject Line


It is easy to ignore generic subject lines. So, instead of using generic subject lines, one should use catchy subject lines to get higher chances of the recipient opening the email. Catchy subject lines trigger the reader’s curiosity and that way you would gain the important attention of the reader. This way, you entice the reader to open the email. If you have never met the recipient or if you are reaching out to someone for the first time, catchy subject lines are most important.


  • Concise subject line


While there are several things you need to keep in mind while creating the best possible subject line, there is also a character limit on the subject line. If your subject line is too long then it will be cut off and the reader won’t be able to completely read the subject line. If the email is opened on a smartphone, then there will be even fewer characters displayed. So, make sure to review your subject lines to ensure it is under 40 characters for surety that the subject line will be read completely and properly interpreted by readers.


12 Example subject lines which will open that Networking Email


  •  your open software developer position
  • your opinion on getting into the marketing industry
  • collab?
  • enjoyed meeting you
  • it’s mike (marketing event in chicago)
  • A quick hello and congratulations on young achievers award
  • I’d love to catch up!
  • Request to chat about current market situation
  • I’d love to exchange ideas with you regarding covid 19 effects on sales
  • I want to introduce you to Mike.
  • Fellow Sales Recruiter who would love to connect with you
  • Interested in learning more about your work on sales tool


7 Best Linkedin Subject Lines


  1. your volunteering with {place_volunteered}
  2. Quick question on (topic)!
  3. Congrats on the job change
  4. Loved your post on (topic)!
  5. Jack told me to get in touch with you
  6. question re {person_skill}
  7. your experience in {field}?


Final Words – Is it worth sending reconnecting email?


In professional life, who you know is often more important than what you know. If you are good at meeting new people, connecting to them and building strong relations then you will have already gained one step ahead of someone who is not. It is also critical to understand that with time you might lose touch with your connections. Reviving those connections from time to time is as important as building new connections.  Just like personal relations, professional connections also fade away over time if not meticulously maintained.


Sending mail to someone you haven’t talked to in a while is a task that requires a significant amount of time and energy. It takes effort building connections in the first place. If you have made connections with someone, it makes sense to put effort into reconnecting mail as well to preserve those connections for as long as possible.


There are several reasons why you would send a reconnecting email. It might be just to say hello and stay up to date about their professional endeavours, or even for one of the many requests. If you have stayed in touch with someone for a period of time over several reconnecting mails, when you reach out to them with a specific request, you are more likely to get a positive response. So, it is a good general practice to keep in loose contact with your connections and it is always worth sending a reconnecting mail.

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