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Duncan Case Study

Duncan Gledhill


Client: EmailMovers


Industry: B2B Lead Generation

Lyne has helped me double the response rates to my cold emails. We ran a test in a controlled environment, in which Lyne performed 200% better than the control.

The Company EmailMovers

Founded in 2003, Emailmovers is the UK’s leading provider of accurate and compliant, UK and global, B2B email data and delivery for all your cold email outreach..

With a done-for-you outbound prospecting model, Emailmovers delivers leads, appointments, and returning clients to their customers.

The Results with

Having been “in” cold email since 2003, the Emailmovers have managed to stay on top of their game by consistently looking to improve their workflows and results.


The team set up a controlled test to test the effectiveness of Lyne generated, custom cold email subject lines vs their regular, static subject lines.


With a 200% increase against the control, Lyne performed beyond what was hoped. Emailmovers founder Duncan Gledhill has since been recommending his network to join to help improve their cold outreach campaign performance.

AI-Powered Cold Email Intros

Lyne offers cold outreach personalization for busy sales professionals

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