Case Study: ExplainerLeads


Open Rate






Eetu Nousiainen


Client: ExplainerLeads


Industry: B2B Lead Generation

Lyne has helped me save tons of time and money compared to before when I was outsourcing my first line writing to freelancers who would take days or weeks to finish what Lyne can do in half an hour.

The Company ExplainerLeads

ExplainerLeads helps animation video agencies book appointments on a pay-for-performance type model.

With a done-for-you outbound prospecting model, ExplainerLeads delivers leads, appointments, and returning clients to their customers.

The Results with Lyne.ai

Using human writers before, ExplainerLeads had trouble scaling. What would take days or weeks for freelancers to deliver, now takes less than half an hour with Lyne.


Combined with a 300% increase in response rates, switching their full operations to Lyne was a no-brainer for ExplainerLeads.

AI-Powered Cold Email Intros

Lyne offers cold outreach personalization for busy sales professionals

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