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Cody Carnes

Cody Carnes


Client: EmailMovers


Industry: B2B Lead Generation

Very impressed with the quality of the lines so far. Getting to choose between 2 lines is great as well, so far very good work for such a low price. Great value to price discrepancy!

The Company Infinity Scalez

Infinity Scalez helps video production service providers get on the phone with their ideal clients using cold email.

With a done-for-you outbound prospecting model, Infinity Scalez delivers leads, appointments, and returning clients to their customers.

The Results with

Specializing in the video production industry, Cody and his team at Infinity Scalez took on a client who needed to land more high value video projects.


With an average 72% open rate and a 10% reply rate, Infinity Scalez helped their client generate several warm leads thanks to


With deal sizes of up to $75,000 opportunities are worth a lot of money to video production businesses. Thanks to Lyne, new pipeline worth well over 6 figures was generated through cold email alone.

AI-Powered Cold Email Intros

Lyne offers cold outreach personalization for busy sales professionals

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