When you’re looking to scale your cold email campaigns, you’ll often find yourself adding multiple variations of the same person in your GSuite admin.


Managing multiple inboxes of the same person on the same domain can be a frustrating experience however. Having to login to several different Gmail inboxes, switching between tabs, and managing templates, replies, and leads across multiple accounts is just plain annoying.


It is however a reality plenty of sales reps & agency owners are facing daily (as were we until not too long ago..). Luckily for both of us, there’s a pretty easy solution to our problem that allows you to manage all these inboxes from your main alias.


It’ll make your life a lot easier because you’ll only have to stay logged in to 1 inbox, you can hook this inbox up to your CRM to never miss a lead, and there’s no need to save templates to new inboxes.


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Getting started


To get started navigate to admin.google.com while logged in to the admin or main alias for the domain you’re managing.


Manage multiple inboxes


Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Default Routing and start setting up a new forwarding rule.


Gsuite forwarding rule settings


In the next step, you’ll be asked which inbox you would like to receive all the emails from.


Manage multiple inboxes Gsuite


Here, put in the email address you’d like to forward to your main inbox. In our case, we’re looking to forward any email that comes into the “hdekker@getlyne.net” inbox to “hans@getlyne.net”.


Scroll down to “also deliver to” and click on “add”.


Gsuite advanced settings


Here, add the main inbox for your domain and instead of “basic” select “advanced”.


Workplace advanced settings


Under “spam and delivery options” uncheck “do not deliver spam to this recipient” to avoid having to still login and manually check spam (which you’re doing..right?!). Next, click save.


Advanced Gsuite Settings


Scroll down a bit further and make sure that “perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses” is selected and click “save” again.


GSuite for cold email


That’s it. Next, make sure you repeat the same action for every inbox you’d like to route to your main inbox and you’re good to go. You can now manage all these inboxes without awkward Fwd: threads or having to juggle multiple tabs & logins.


Some side notes


There are two small side notes to be made here. We’ll start with the most obvious one: you’ll now reply to the prospect from a different address than what they received the email from.


However, nearly no one notices and those who do, they don’t care. As long as you make sure that both inboxes are set up in the exact same way, meaning they both have the exact same pictures, signature, and sender name, there won’t be any issue here.


Another side note to be made here is that in theory, this could potentially (slightly) impact deliverability. Your alias inboxes will now only send & receive 1 email in a thread, and will never get a real email exchange going like most real humans would.


While there haven’t been any real numbers yet that support this theory, it’s something to potentially keep in mind. A simple solution to this would be to work with an email warmup tool that allows you to have email threads that go beyond just one email exchange.


What’s next?


What’s next is that you can now manage multiple inboxes without the headache. One great benefit that this brought for us is that we can now use Pipedrive’s double-sync feature to manage all these inboxes from our Pipedrive dashboard.


This means far less data entry work and we can simply create new leads in 2 clicks as they come in.


I hope this made your life a little easier as well. Want to make your (cold outreach) life even easier? Check out what we do at Lyne.ai.

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