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Alex Arce


Client: Webfactory Media


Industry: Webdesign

I can write emails way faster thanks to Lyne, and then follow up on the phone. I was writing about 10 emails per hour but thanks for Lyne I can now write 100 emails per hour.

The Company Webfactory Media

Webfactory Media helps SMB owners get a new or improved online presence through web design, SEO & paid ads. As a Google partner they’ve helped countless SMBs increase their revenue online and offline.

By combining highly personalized cold emails and following up on those on the phone, their sales team is able to continiously grow their new business from outbound.

The Results with Lyne.ai

Using human writers before, KnowledgeX haven’t noticed any real difference in performance after switching to Lyne’s AI-based system.


Open rates are a consistent 70% and reply rates remained steady at 10%.


Thanks to the time that’s  being saved by no longer having to manage a human workforce, KnowledgeX are able to spend more time on analyzing campaigns and work on important strategy & experimentation.

AI-Powered Cold Email Intros

Lyne offers cold outreach personalization for busy sales professionals

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