The Easiest Way to Manage Multiple Inboxes on One Domain

The Easiest Way to Manage Multiple Inboxes on One Domain

When you’re looking to scale your cold email campaigns, you’ll often find yourself adding multiple variations of the same person in your GSuite admin.


Managing multiple inboxes of the same person on the same domain can be a frustrating experience however. Having to login to several different Gmail inboxes, switching between tabs, and managing templates, replies, and leads across multiple accounts is just plain annoying.


It is however a reality plenty of sales reps & agency owners are facing daily (as were we until not too long ago..). Luckily for both of us, there’s a pretty easy solution to our problem that allows you to manage all these inboxes from your main alias.


It’ll make your life a lot easier because you’ll only have to stay logged in to 1 inbox, you can hook this inbox up to your CRM to never miss a lead, and there’s no need to save templates to new inboxes.


YouTube video


Getting started


To get started navigate to while logged in to the admin or main alias for the domain you’re managing.


Manage multiple inboxes


Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Gmail > Default Routing and start setting up a new forwarding rule.


Gsuite forwarding rule settings


In the next step, you’ll be asked which inbox you would like to receive all the emails from.


Manage multiple inboxes Gsuite


Here, put in the email address you’d like to forward to your main inbox. In our case, we’re looking to forward any email that comes into the “” inbox to “”.


Scroll down to “also deliver to” and click on “add”.


Gsuite advanced settings


Here, add the main inbox for your domain and instead of “basic” select “advanced”.


Workplace advanced settings


Under “spam and delivery options” uncheck “do not deliver spam to this recipient” to avoid having to still login and manually check spam (which you’re doing..right?!). Next, click save.


Advanced Gsuite Settings


Scroll down a bit further and make sure that “perform this action on non-recognized and recognized addresses” is selected and click “save” again.


GSuite for cold email


That’s it. Next, make sure you repeat the same action for every inbox you’d like to route to your main inbox and you’re good to go. You can now manage all these inboxes without awkward Fwd: threads or having to juggle multiple tabs & logins.


Some side notes


There are two small side notes to be made here. We’ll start with the most obvious one: you’ll now reply to the prospect from a different address than what they received the email from.


However, nearly no one notices and those who do, they don’t care. As long as you make sure that both inboxes are set up in the exact same way, meaning they both have the exact same pictures, signature, and sender name, there won’t be any issue here.


Another side note to be made here is that in theory, this could potentially (slightly) impact deliverability. Your alias inboxes will now only send & receive 1 email in a thread, and will never get a real email exchange going like most real humans would.


While there haven’t been any real numbers yet that support this theory, it’s something to potentially keep in mind. A simple solution to this would be to work with an email warmup tool that allows you to have email threads that go beyond just one email exchange.


What’s next?


What’s next is that you can now manage multiple inboxes without the headache. One great benefit that this brought for us is that we can now use Pipedrive’s double-sync feature to manage all these inboxes from our Pipedrive dashboard.


This means far less data entry work and we can simply create new leads in 2 clicks as they come in.


I hope this made your life a little easier as well. Want to make your (cold outreach) life even easier? Check out what we do at

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How to Set Up A Fully Automated AI Lead Generation Bot

How to Set Up A Fully Automated AI Lead Generation Bot

Lead generation can be an exhausting and thankless task.  You’re constantly monitoring hundreds of conversations, maintaining multiple drip campaigns, and trying to keep on top of where potential leads are in the journey towards becoming customers.  It’s like spinning plates – sooner or later something is going to fall and smash!

The job can be made considerably easier when you invest in an AI lead generation bot to generate leads at scale and personalize your emails.  Tools like will analyze your email list, personalize emails, and turn those cold emails into hot leads.  It will work tirelessly and efficiently, so that you never miss an opportunity.

Let’s look closer at how AI makes your lead generation friction free.


Why do AI Lead Generation Bots beat Humans?


Firstly, AI doesn’t forget – it is consistent in its approach, so you’ll know that every lead gets the same attention and focus. Results should be comparable and predictable in their outcome, making them easy to measure and score. Once you’ve used the tool for awhile, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Secondly, AI can be left running long after you’ve closed the office and switched off the lights.  Work on the west coast but want to target potential leads in New York at the end of their working day?  An AI bot can be set to send that first speculative email anytime you like.  It can run all night to complete a large-scale emailing list if you need it to.

Thirdly, AI does not need to be trained, or certified by means of a corporate induction.  Unlike a human, it does not require a few weeks to bed in before reaching peak performance.  It does exactly what you want, day one, straight out of the box.

Lastly, should you want to scale up your operation, an AI-based system can readily handle the increased volume. Whether you’re running an agency and are looking to scale, or you’re a sales professional in need of more leads, you’ll want to scale up at some point.


You won’t need to go on a hiring spree or pull in temps to handle your mass marketing campaign.  You’ll save the time and expense of a hiring round, while benefiting from increased productivity and efficiency.  That sounds like a win win to us.


What can a lead generation bot do?


So, what exactly can a system like do?  


The best AI bots scrape data from your target sites and produce clean, accurate personalized fields so that your emails are always opened.  Studies have shown that personalized emails are 36% more likely to be opened.  Don’t believe us?  Check out this statistical round-up in Forbes magazine, which demonstrated, amongst other revelations, that 90% of US consumers find personalized marketing somewhat or very appealing.


With a sophisticated AI bot like, emails can be automated andsent at regular, timed intervals, to specified sub-lists.  Campaigns can be timed to hit inboxes at specific times of the day or days of the week.  Whatever works for you, the AI bot can schedule it to perfection.


Imagine you’re running a lead generation agency.  With an AI bot onboard, you can farm out a large slice of your routine work to thebot, freeing up staff to work with clients more intensively,providing them with a more personal service, or working at growing and developing other business opportunities.


How do I set up my bot?


Let’s look at how works and how simple it is to set up.

AI lead generation bot settings

  1. Sign up for a free account here, and try out the bot with 25 credits granted to your account.  This will allow you to write 25 icebreakers to your prospects.


2. Tell what sort of personalization you want.  For instance, select personalization based self-published content and we’ll find podcast appearances, substack newsletters, and more.


3. The AI will generate personalized snippets which you can opt to use within your email.  You do this by inserting simple merge field tags, such as {{Sample Tag}}. works using the same techniques you’d use when composing automated emails; for instance, including {{firstname}} in the first line of your cold emails.


4. You can set the AI lead generation bot up to scrape data from various sources related to each target, including case studies, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, recent news and company information on corporate websites. It’s entirely up to you which source you prefer.


5. Sync with your cold email automation software. allows for a range of app integrations, including Woodpecker, Lemlist and Mailshake.



Where do I get access to an automated lead generation bot?


We’re a little biased, it’s true, but we think is the best AI lead generation bot on the market. We believe this for one simple reason – we built it that way.


Simply sign up for free at, you’ll be awarded 25 free credits, as a thank you for joining us. is the industry leader in sales personalization at scale.

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The 7 Best AI Email Tools for Salespeople

The 7 Best AI Email Tools for Salespeople

There’s a major contradiction at the heart of email-based lead generation. Firstly, it has been clearly shown that properly personalized emails attract more engagement than generic ones.  Campaign Monitor found that emails with personalization were 26% more likely to be opened and credit agency Experian experienced a sixfold increase in transactional rates when they used efficient personalization.


However, to make email campaigns worthwhile, they need to work at scale.  This leaves salespeople in a quandary: how can they generate a high volume of emails which nevertheless retain a degree of personalization that attracts potential clients.


This is where AI can be hugely helpful.  There are now a host of AI-based email apps on the market that scrape client data for key information then automatically integrate this into email intros.  In this way, AI becomes a key sales tool, making it possible to operate at scale while letting your targets know that you are treating them as individuals.


In this article we’ll run down seven of the top AI-driven email tools for salespeople, highlighting the benefits of each, so you can decide which might be helpful for your sales team. – Industry Leader of AI Email Tools


YouTube video


Let’s begin with our own tool.  Lyne helps sales professionals create thousands of hyper-personalized intros per hour.  We’ve seen response rates improve up to tenfold using our AI-powered tool, with an anticipated baseline improvement of around 20%.


One of the key timesaving aspects of Lyne is that it personalizes and matches your subject header to intro content.  This is a vital ingredient in encouraging a busy potential client to open your emails, rather than dragging or right-clicking them into oblivion. will also remove the unnecessary ingredients from company names, such as LLC or Inc., making your content feel more human.

Simply upload a CSV file of your targets and our AI tool will get to work scouring company news and blog content, case studies and social media mentions to find ingredients it can use in your AI email intro text.  It will generate authentic copy which recipients respond to positively.


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Alternative Cold Email Tools




Superhuman is big on speed – they actively boast that no operation should take longer than 100 milliseconds to execute.  What they excel at in particular is inbox management – sorting the wheat from the chaff.  Their AI-powered triage system flags the vital stuff, so you don’t miss anything essential.

Key features include built-in read receipts, timed delivery, scheduled reminders, a snooze feature, and undo send that actually works.  Superhuman will increase your productivity by helping you keep on top of your email stack.  You’ll be getting back to clients promptly, and this should translate to an increase in conversions.


When it comes to AI email tools Superhuman is probably amongst the bigger names in the industry, and they do seem to live up to that name.




Growbots is a leading sales automation application, which boasts that it can reduce your email sales prospecting to 15-30 minutes a day.  It’s particularly good for analyzing the response rate your email campaigns produce, allowing you to tweak and change your approach.

Growbots is one of the most popular AI email tools


The company also has a proprietorial database of more than 100 million business contacts, giving you a great starting point for a campaign.  You won’t have to spend weeks and weeks in early stages lead prospecting.


When it comes to AI email tools, Growbots is definitely the most complete option offering a great all-in-one solution.



Behavioral prediction is at the heart of Appier’s suite of AI and machine learning infused applications.  It’s a great tool for finding out how well your email campaigns are performing.

Appier will analyze and segment your database of potential leads to identify which are committed, which are hesitant, and which have no real intention to buy.  This will help you target each group with appropriate content and offers.

Like Growbots, Appier claims to analyze your response rates and help you improve your conversion rate, right down the sales funnel.




Out of date email lists are a significant impediment to your chances of success.  Bouncer’s key feature is AI email verification and validation, giving you a good idea of the likely “bounce rate” of your campaign.  

Bouncing can occur for several reasons, such as when overactive spam filters or antifraud measures reject your content by mistake.  This can be down to something as straightforward as a poorly worded subject header.  It can also be due to out-of-date or mistyped email addresses.

Bouncer wants to help you solve that problem.  Their “Bounce Estimate” algorithm will sample your lead database and return an estimate of your likely bounce rate, saving you both time and money.


Benchmark One


Formerly Hatchback, Benchmark One is a lead scoring and segmenting tool which includes email interaction.  It helps you automate email drip campaigns as well as alerting salespeople to lead behavior which may indicate readiness for a purchase.

It’s not specifically an AI email tool, but an all-in-one CRM platform.  Among its uses, Benchmark One will help you integrate your email campaigns more effectively, using information it obtains from the visitors to your sales portals.

If you want to zero-in on email specifically, a targeted tool like might prove more appropriate.




Kickbox’s big boast is to have validated over 5 billion emails.  They also claim that 99% of their AI emails get through to the intended target.  Those are respectable figures.

Kickbox will take CSV or XLX files of leads and will validate email addresses in real time, to help you clean your list and keep it current.  It’s a very specific, targeted tool with a host of integrations, but produces somewhat inscrutable code-based results.


Conclusion: AI email tools are here to stay


AI and email are a perfect match, especially for sales professionals.  They can save you both time and money, whilst giving you a competitive advantage over rivals who don’t apply AI techniques to their prospecting.

We’ve designed Lyne as a laser-targeted tool to make sure your emails cut through the clutter of busy professionals inboxes.  It’s straightforward to use and designed for simplicity.

Here are some of its advantages:

  • It’s Faster – generating 2500+ effective emails an hour.
  • It’s Cheaper – on average 68% cheaper than our competitors at just $0.15 per intro line.
  • It’s Accurate – no more emails bouncing back from mistyped or dead email accounts.
  • It’s Persuasive – We predict a 40:1 ratio of email to demo requests.


Why not try today and see for yourself the difference AI can make to your prospecting or even help automate your lead generation agency.

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13 Tools You Need to Automate Your Lead Generation Agency

13 Tools You Need to Automate Your Lead Generation Agency

Running a lead generation agency is hard work. I know, you know, and your VAs & SDRs definitely know it. Lucky for us, there are plenty of tools out there that are built to make our lives easier.


During my years of running a lead gen agency I’ve used most of these and I can definitely tell they’re worth exploring. So if you’re looking to run more streamlined operations at your agency, keep reading.


O and yes, I’ve saved the best one for last…


AI Lead Generation Tools & More


1. Zapier


Let’s get the most obvious ones out of the way first. It’s hard to believe that anyone who’s in sales or marketing isn’t racking up an unhealthy Zapier bill every month.


However, I’m also willing to believe that most people aren’t getting everything out of Zapier just yet. For example, did you know that you can even automate client billing thanks to Zapier and Stripe?


If you’re working on a “pay-per-call” basis, clients can authorize you to charge their card through Stripe. That means that whenever you mark an email or CRM entry as a lead, you can set up a zap to automagically (sorry..) bill your client.


2. Integromat


Integromat is probably the best known competitor of Zapier. While it’s a lot (!) cheaper than Zapier, it’s also slightly more tricky to operate for anyone who’s new to automation.


However, once you get the hang of it, Integromat actually provides you with more flexibility than Zapier for most workflows. You can set up some really cool automated workflows over multiple touch points thanks to their routers and other flow control options.


For example, the guys at have built an entire multi-touch LinkedIn automation solution using Integromat to manage 50+ LinkedIn accounts all at once.


Check out the video below to see how they’ve managed to pull that off.


YouTube video


3. GoHighLevel


Many agency owners swear by using GHL, simply because of its many use cases. The GHL team has built a very extensive suite of tools with agency owners in mind, resulting in what could well be a must-have tool for any agency out there.


For example, Sean from “0-to-10k” fully automated his client onboarding & billing combining GoHighLevel’s built-in triggers with Zapier. With plenty more recipes to choose from, GoHighLevel will most likely have an automation available that will make your agency life more pleasant.

4. Wavo

Automated you lead generation agency with Wavo


Wavo is another platform built specifically for agency owners-and more specifically for cold email focused agencies.


The platform comes with built-in email warmup, client reporting, a white-label client dashboard for 24/7 reporting & easy onboarding, and more.


If you’re running an agency that’s serious about cold email then Wavo is one of your best options when it comes to email automation. With some great resources on operating an agency and cold email in general Wavo has more to offer than just software, especially for anyone who’s just starting out.


5. AgencyAnalytics


What’s in a name? If you need to monitor campaign performance at scale without any drop-off, AgencyAnalytics has you covered. With a very clear value prop, AA can not only help you gain new insights into your (clients’) campaign performance, but can also make reporting something that would almost qualify as a fun activity.


With an easy to setup drag-and-drop interface you can build your own dashboards and present data in the exact way you’d like. With tons of integrations available and more coming up, AgencyAnalytics is a great tool to have in your toolstack.


6. ColdEmail.Club helps your lead generation agency with email writing services



What’s the worst part about running an agency that focuses on cold email? Yup – the cold emails. solves that by writing cold emails for you as a service, helping you free up more time to focus on other activities.


Having a go-to writer for your cold emails can really be a game changer for lead gen agencies and at around $350 for an email sequence it’s easy to price into your offer too.


Or, even when you’re operating on a pay-per-call model, booking just one call could already help you break even, while having saved yourself potentially hours of time staring at a blank page.


7. Whaly


Whaly fits into the analytics bucket by providing you with an easy way to sync and model your business data in a centralized location.


Backed by Ycombinator, the guys at Whaly have built a platform that focuses on ease of operating. The ability to set up multiple views (hint: 1 view = 1 client) is a great feature for any business owner.


If you’re looking to move away from Google Sheets or Notion to a more robust solution, Whaly could be your best bet.


8. Tavus


Here’s a cool one – AI-generated videos for your cold outreach.


Not too long ago “Loom cold outreach” was all the rage. Everyone was doing it, offering free reports or reviews through Loom or just simply saying “hi” and showing their face to potential new clients. There was one issue however: scaling it was a nightmare.


Thanks to Tavus, that’s now a problem of the past. As you need to do is go through the initial setup process and record one video as you normally would, reading off a script they provide you with.


Based on that, their AI will personalize the video to each of your prospects using merge-tags just like you would with a regular cold email. Now anyone can reach out at scale using hyper-personalized videos!


YouTube video


9. Evaboot


If you’re using Sales Navigator to scrape leads then you’ll know what a nightmare their filter accuracy can be. Once you get past the first 5 pages, results can be a bit volatile and you can see some really bad fits dilute your results


The team at Evaboot ran into the same issue and decided to take it upon themselves to solve that. Not only do they filter out bad fits based on job titles, they’ll also clean prospect & company names and help you enrich your data.


By connecting your favorite email finder through Evaboot’s API connector you can extract leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in one seamless flow. Time is money, especially when running a lead generation agency. Swapping out your average LinkedIn scraper for Evaboot can help you save some valuable time with no extra effort required.


10. Resemble + DropCowboy


Did I cheat here a little by including 2 tools in one? Not really. Because these tools play so nicely together, it’d be a crime to separate them.


Adding cold calling to your outreach campaigns can be a complete game changer. However as with many tactics, it’s pretty difficult to scale as you’re adding more clients. So how do we solve that?


Ringless voicemails is how we solve that. These do exactly as the name suggests, dropping a voicemail into someone’s inbox without having their phones ring. Simply mentioning why you’re calling and asking for a call back could generate you a ton of qualified leads.


If your client is interested in recording a voicemail message for you to use, or you’d like to keep your methods a mystery, using an AI voice generator like Resemble could be a great way of automating the process.


11. Linbox


LinkedIn Inbox…get it?


Managing multiple inboxes across multiple platforms is a huge pain. If you’d like to make the lives of your VAs or SDRs a bit more pleasant, get them to install Linbox.


It’s a great way to cut down on the time it takes to jump between inboxes, tabs, and profiles, which is exhausting just writing about.


12. ListKit


Tired of building new lists for each client you sign? For each campaign you’re rolling out? Well, turns out you’re not alone!


The guys at ListKit experienced the exact same pain and decided to help solve it for other agency owners. The best part is that with a 24-hour turnaround time, you can be sure that you’re able to delivers for your clients and deliver FAST!


All you need to do is fill out a quick form and within 24 hours you’ll have a list of manually verified contacts complete with direct dials and personalized first lines, guaranteed to boost reply rates by up to 30%.


Want to fully automate your agency? Make sure to check out ListKit today.


13. – Built for your lead generation agency


YouTube video


Saving the best for last, Lyne can help you cut down on the time and cost it takes to run a lead generation agency by as much as 95%.


Working with a team of VAs to help personalize every single cold email you’re sending is a huge undertaking. Onboarding, managing, training, and paying a team of assistants is no fun and plenty of agencies have closed their doors because they couldn’t make it work.


Which is exactly why we built Lyne in the first place. Using AI, we’re able to personalize up to 1000 intros per hour at the rate of your cheapest VA.


Just upload a lists of prospects, tweak your settings to include either blog posts, recent news, case studies, LinkedIn info, company info, or all of the above, and hit “start”.


Lyne not only provides you with 2 intros just in case you’re not in love with the 1st one, we’ve also trained our AI to write matching subject lynes for your intros as well as clean company names and “casualize” them. This means you can use the {{company}} merge-tag without sounding like a robot from 1989.


With integrations with Lemlist, Mailshake, Close, Wavo, Hunter, and more coming up, you’re guaranteed to save an incredible amount of money and effort when it comes to running your lead generation agency.


Make sure to test us out and see why some clients mentioned 10xing their campaigns! 

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Personalized Cold Emails: How to Write Them at Scale

Personalized Cold Emails: How to Write Them at Scale

Seen your cold email campaign results go down quite a bit over the years? Don’t worry, personalized cold emails fix this. Here’s how…

Up until not too long ago as a sales rep or lead generation professional you could get away with being a bit lazy (pro tip: you still can, just keep reading). You would load up a big list of prospects into your mail merge software, throw some merge tags in there, and the leads would start rolling in.

“Hi {{firstName}}, seeing how you’re the {{jobTitle}} at {{companyName}}…”

Look familiar?

However, generic, mass emails aren’t as effective anymore. Research by the LinkedIn team shows that buyers respond much better to emails that are actually personalized to them, improving click-through rates by 14 perfect and conversion rates by 10 percent.


Some of our users have reported that in some cases response rates can even go up by 300 percent when applying hyper-personalization to cold emails.

Being faced with ambitious growth targets and nearing deadlines it can sometimes be tempting to rely on mass emails. However, this usually ends up working against you.

Not only does it become harder to maintain healthy open rates when sending a high volume of generic emails, it’s also incredibly hard to stay motivated when working hard on sourcing & cleaning data, only to see your numbers go down.

So to sum up:

  • Personalized cold emails will increase your response and conversion rates, sometimes up to even 300%
  • Just using merge tags is NOT personalization
  • Sending out unique content will help you maneuver around spam filters


Just using {{firstName}} and {{companyName}} doesn’t cut it anymore

You might be thinking “but I use my prospects’ first name in my subject lines” — what’s wrong with that?

Short answer? Nothing. If you’re seeing an increase in open rates with that in comparison to other, pattern-breaking subject lines, then that’s perfectly fine. But relying on just the basic merge tags anyone has access to is no longer enough to see results.


Using {{firstName}} and {{companyName}} merge tags? Make sure to clean your data before sending. No one believes you would send a manual email to John, CPA at Eagle Financial Services, LLC.


If you’re short on time but still want to generate leads through cold email then segmentation is probably the best way to go. Turn your usual, generic list into smaller lists segmented by:

  • Industry
  • Geographic region
  • Time zone
  • Other relevant info (school they went to, skills, etc.)

You can then use that for personalization in your emails. Mentioning something relevant to the school they went to, the city they’re in, or industry they’re in will not only come across as more personal — it will also feel a lot more relevant for the recipient.


So rather than mentioning how you’ve “helped a lot of clients,” reach your prospects with a far less generic message and also mention your extensive experience helping clients in their {{industry}} or {{region}}. By segmenting your lists you can write more relevant messages to each subset of your ideal clients, while merge tags can then help you stand out more.


However, this is still a far from optimal approach. So what can one do in order to fill their sales pipeline?


The solution: personalized cold emails


Thing is, you probably already know it. Actually writing a personalized message to each of your prospects will yield you far better results both in the longer and the shorter term.


Finding common ground and showing you respect their time enough to write them a personal message is unarguably the best way to start a new relationship with potential buyers. Not only will you see better conversions on your first touch points, but evidence shows that your prospects are far more likely to engage with you on your follow-ups as well.

Some great options are mentioning the result of their favorite sports team (or not..dangerous one!), a recent blog they posted, or an obscure hobby they have that you found out about from their LinkedIn bio.


Speeding up the process: personalized introductions


But I can hear you thinking: “who even has time for that?”


I know I don’t. While it’s important to hit my numbers on the top of the funnel, the bottom of the funnel needs love too and that’s where a lot of my time is spent as well.


It’s a common frustration for many sales folks. Prospecting takes up too much of your time and it’s seen by many as the most challenging part of the sales process.


Luckily it isn’t all bad and there’s a solution. Enter: personalized first lines, or intros.


By using personalized first lines, then adding them to your emails using a merge tag, you can reach out in a hyper-personalized way at scale.


Not only that, but by only personalizing the first couple of lines of your email you leave yourself with the ability to test several different types of pitches and CTAs. Something that wouldn’t be possible with completely different emails for each prospect — you’d be flying in the dark.


Moreover, a personalized first few lines will help you stand out from the pack even before your prospects open your email. Given the 120 character preview on GSuite, your prospects can already take a peek at what’s inside and see if you pass the visual “generic sales pitch or not” check.


Combined with the fact that unique content helps you hit the inbox more often, improved open & response rates will positively influence the spam algorithms, and prospects are now more likely to engage with you on later occasions, this seems like a bit of a no-brainer.


YouTube video


Where to find the best information to write personalized cold emails

So I’ve convinced you to go with personalized first lines for your next cold email campaign. What’s next?


As you’ve seen in the video above LinkedIn profiles are a great way to start and do research on your prospects, but there’s more under the sun when it comes to sales personalization.




Use Crunchbase for personalized cold emails


Arguably one of the most complete resources when it comes to business information, Crunchbase should definitely be in your toolstack if you’re serious about cold email personalization.


Crunchbase offers information on funding rounds, acquisitions, company news, and offers other insights and analysis.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Sales Navigator helps with inspiration for your personalized cold emails


Probably the most well known tool that features in nearly anyone’s sales stack is LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. While great for doing research on your target market and finding new prospects, Sales Navigator also offers the opportunity to keep you in the loop on some great personalization opportunities.


By adding people (or accounts) to lists, your Sales Navigator feed will then show you updates on these people gathered from sources around the web.


Sales nav leads


LinkedIn about sections


Most people who are serious about developing their careers will keep their LinkedIn profiles updated and their about sections filled with information they care about. Achievements they’re proud of, things they are passionate about, or even their favorite book.


As a sales professional this is your best opportunity to reach out in a personal way without spending too much time. Writing personalized cold emails can be a draining job, and having a strong go-to source like LinkedIn about sections at your disposal can be a great help.


Website about sections


Chances are, the company you’re reaching out to has an “about” section on their website where they present their team. These sections are usually a good place to find out more about your prospect.


If you’re lucky enough to sell into fun-loving companies then you’ll be able to find out more about your prospect, his hobbies, pet names, or how they like to spend their holidays.


Trust me: the quickest way to make a new friend is to mention their dog in your first conversation.


Social media (but don’t be a creep..)


One other great option you have available is your prospect’s social media. However, there’s a side note to be placed here.


While it can be a good idea to find common ground, then reference that during your first conversation, it’s easy to cross that line and enter stalker territory. No one likes the feeling of being analyzed or watched, so definitely proceed with caution here.


Some great (and safe) social media activity to look for would be recent Tweets or LinkedIn articles.


Automate everything – use to write personalized cold emails for you


YouTube video


Writing personalized introductions to every potential buyer on your list will save you a lot of time compared to writing a full email. However, it’s still a major time suck not to mention the frustration it will cost you to manually research 50+ people per day. Not fun!


Luckily for us there are robots.


By using an AI model trained specifically for this one use case, Lyne can help you write thousands of introductions per hour by scanning each of your prospect’s online profiles. We then use that information as input to write a personal note to the person in question.


Simply upload your list of prospects, tell it what you’d like the messaging to look like, and let artificial intelligence work its magic.


Using {{mergetags}} to personalize cold emails

Using {{mergetags}} to personalize cold emails.


By using merge tags you can now use these intros in any automated emailing software to personalize your messaging.


Interested in trying it for yourself? Head over here to claim 20 free credits and see how AI can help you scale your cold outreach campaigns.


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Scrape & personalize cold emails without the hard work