Review and Pricing (2022 Update) Review and Pricing (2022 Update) Review: Everything You Need to Know


Read our review and see what other professionals have to say, learn about pricing, popular features, and discover all current integrations. Not sure if is the right fit for you? Read our other sales tools reviews.


All kinds of sales and marketing staff share one problem: messaging. This problem can come in multiple forms: sales leads reaching out to see what a product has to offer, email, and responses to social media ads. In our technologically advanced, always-connected world, the pressure to respond to inquiries promptly is ever present.


Even worse, a constant inflow and outflow of messages can seem overwhelming. It’s a well-known fact that a lot of professionals spend a large amount of time every day dealing with messages. And of course, people want to hear back at the earliest opportunity.


Fortunately, technology is beginning to catch up with the constant messaging problem. Auto-responders, for instance, are a common way to deal with a vacation. Email automations also send messages when triggered by certain events, and chatbots assist with simple customer service tasks.


With that said, the simple solutions don’t work well in all situations. Some uses of messaging require a greater combination of sending and receiving messages. Or, the constant messaging becomes so time consuming that it’s hard to do anything else. For that reason, there are tools like Reply. We hope that this review will help you understand what the tool is, and whether or not it is useful for your business. Review – Main value proposition


Reply is, simply put, a messaging automation tool. Here, messaging means a lot more than email. Rather, Reply helps sales and marketing professionals communicate with customers and sales leads just about anywhere that messaging happens. Both inbound and outbound messaging, including chatbots or automatic messengers. In addition, messaging can encompass both manual and automated messaging. As this Reply review will point out, the app is very versatile within the messaging space.


Who can benefit from Reply?


Although messaging and emails are a problem for busy management employees, Reply isn’t the tool for them. Reply is designed to help sales and marketing professionals reach out, and reply to, sales leads. Due to its social media and SMS capabilities, Reply is something that both B2B and B2C companies can benefit from. In B2B sales, email and lead generation aspects of this tool are more valuable. For B2C brands, social media and SMS are likely to be more efficient. 


At the end of the day, Reply addresses two pain points for marketers. First, there’s the massive amount of time needed to reply to inquiries from customers, followers, and sales leads. Second, messaging on social media and by email is very labor intensive. Schedulers help with social media posts, but they don’t typically handle replying to people’s comments that well. Reply, on the other hand, facilitates two way communication in a manner that’s very efficient. Review – Main features


One of the great things about Reply is that it has a lot of features. And, for business users, everyone gets the same features. This frees us from needing to include service differences in this Reply review. As already mentioned, Reply facilitates communication between businesses and sales prospects. They break the features of this tool into four groups, called Discover, Execute, Engage, and Improve.

YouTube video




Under the “discover” category, Reply puts features that help you find the email addresses and other contact information for potential sales leads. Then, users can follow up on these leads with other Reply features and the Chrome extension.


  • Email search: Leverages LinkedIn premium products to find emails.
  • Web crawl for emails and phone numbers: Looks everywhere, so you don’t have to, individually or in bulk. Extracts this information.
  • Automatically adds contact info to Reply tasks.
  • Validates phone numbers and email addresses to reduce duplicates and outdated information
  • Email warm up: prevents spam sanctions by making sure your contacts are ready for live emails.



Once Reply has zeroed in on the contact information you need, it’s time to engage with potential customers. It’s here that Reply’s multichannel capabilities become more evident and highly valuable.


  • Multichannel sequences: Reach out to contacts from multiple channels. Options include LinkedIn, email, social media messaging, Zapier collaborations, branded links, customized replies, video, A/B testing, and calendar integrations. Reach your contacts wherever they are.
  • Cloud calls: Call anyone through their powerful browser extension or direct from the Reply account. Dialer, local number, caller ID, incoming call transfer, and international calling. 
  • Instant messaging: Talk to people via WhatsApp and SMS. Reach people on other channels through Zapier and upcoming integrations.



Next, there’s the “execute” segment of Reply’s features. These help you go the next mile and convert your sales prospects into actual customers.


  • Add videos to email: Introduce yourself with a Vidyard-generated personalized email. Appointments can be booked through that email, and a notice sent to you when a prospect replies.
  • LinkedIn automation: Connection requests, messaging, InMail. Messages are personalized.
  • Appointment booking: Link Reply to Google Calendar, and give direct access for appointment scheduling.
  • AI email assistant: automatically send “human like” emails to prospects. Emails are optimized for maximum response.
  • Tasks flow: Gives individualized “to do” list and helps sales staff execute them. These include manual and semi-automated tasks. Keep track of progress.
  • Contact management: Helps keep contacts current, segments them by category, filters, track past activity.
  • Collaboration: Helps teams work better together by keeping track of everything in one place. 



Finally, there’s the “improve” family of Reply features. These help to keep track of results and improve further campaigns.


  • Analytics: Track the results of your efforts. Record calls and review for quality assurance.
  • Suggestions for improvement: What works, what doesn’t, helps hone strategies for next time. Review – Integrations


YouTube video


Reply has some integrations available to make the job of sales easier. Most notable are Salesforce, HubSpot, Copper CRM, Pipedrive,, and Zendesk Sell. Email providers such as Gmail and Outlook, Chrome extension, API. For messaging, there’s LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and SMS. The company says that other messaging and social integrations are being developed.


For users that don’t code or need more options, there is a Zapier integration, allowing over 4000 app connections. Here is how Zapier describes their capabilities. Zapier Integrations Review - Integration with Zapier


And a look at the triggered actions available: Zapier Integration Review


Reply Integrations with Zapier Review – Pricing


No review would be complete without discussing Reply pricing. Reply has two basic types of payment plans: email search that combines with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and a comprehensive sales engagement plan. Essentially, the difference is how much help you need. For email-only, Reply pricing is based on how many email searches you do each month. Comprehensive plans are per user, with rates varying based on the total number of seats you purchase.

Email search only


One of the pleasant surprises in Reply pricing is that they have the option to just buy email addresses. Everyone gets 200 email credits for free, which is enough to help even the smallest business. Subscribers can also purchase 5000 monthly credits for $49, and unlimited credits for $99 per month. However, unlimited email credits are included with annual sales engagement subscriptions.

Sales engagement


Next, there are the sales engagement plans. This Reply pricing is per seat and per month for business plans, and per seat with service level variations for individuals. Individual plans start at $70 per month and include 1000 monthly contacts; for $90, up to 2000 people; unlimited for $120.


Business sales engagement plan pricing is much simpler, as it’s based only on the number of seats. For three or four seats, it’s $70 each, 5-9 people at $60 each, and $50 for any larger number of seats. Finally, there’s agency pricing, but this requires a call to sales.


G2 Score


On G2, Reply is rated 4.6/5, which is drawn from 779 reviews. 


Positive reviews focus on the ease of use, powerful automations, and top notch customer service: G2 Testimonial G2 Testimonial


G2 Sales Automation Software Review


Meanwhile, negative reviews focused on the difficulty switching between Reply and an email client, Lack of pricing transparency, and reduced usefulness for large businesses. Negative Review on G2 for Enterprise Sales

Capterra Score


On Capterra, customers rate Reply at a 4.6, including 89 reviews. Positive reviews showcase the high-quality LinkedIn prospecting, email automations, and natural-looking AI emails.


“I liked the fact that you can create different zaps for specific things to happen or when they happen, this program helps you stay on top of things and looks real to the person receiving your email.”


“Handles CSV upload well, and solves a need that’s important to me.”


“It is easy to search and discover prospects from Linkedin using this tool. Ready templates for your outreach emails.”


Negative reviews focus on difficult setup, poor CRM integrations, and bad customer service.


“It takes hours to set up and if you do not complete every step, your work is lost forever.”


“Perhaps the worst support I’ve ever seen from a paid web service.”


“CRM Integrations and reports are a bit difficult.” Review – Main competitors


Reply is a new entrant into a relatively large field of CRMs and sales automation software. Here are some of its bigger competitors


  • Salesforce. Another legacy CRM with LinkedIn and social media integrations that help you reach customers faster and better.
  • Salesflare. A newer competitor that primarily focuses on email marketing and CRM tasks. Its upside is automatic updating.
  • Hubspot. With Hubspot, you install individual hubs that help you keep track of potential clients and reach out in an efficient way. They have a huge number of native integrations, so Zapier is rarely necessary. Review – Conclusion


As we’ve seen in this Reply review, this tool is still a work in progress. It has promising features for prospecting on LinkedIn and using email marketing. At the same time, the Zapier integration allows for many more applications to “talk” to Reply. 


However, Reply fails to live up to its promises overall. Their website pitches the tool as a great all in one messaging service. And while that might be their plan, Reply doesn’t yet live up to this standard. If you are a smaller B2B business, you can probably get significant value out of it. But as your business grows, if Reply doesn’t evolve as promised then it will stop being as valuable.

Full Lemlist Review: Is Lemlist Worth the Hype?

Full Lemlist Review: Is Lemlist Worth the Hype?

Read our Lemlist review and see what other professionals have to say, learn about pricing, popular features, and discover all current integrations. Not sure if Lemlist is the right fit for you? Read our other sales tools reviews to learn more about what’s out there.


Writing cold emails has always been a dreadful task. The idea that the receiver does not open the email, or worse, the email goes into spam, scares many people. But, what if we tell you that there is a solution to this age-old problem?


Lemlist is the ultimate answer to all your cold email-related queries. This platform helps you create personalized cold emails in no time. No wonder why every sales team and lead gen agency is using Lemlist today. In this post, we will investigate if Lemlist is worth the hype or not.


Lemlist Review: Customized Automation is the Future


YouTube video


Whenever you hear the word “automation,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A standardized mechanical procedure, void of any personal touch? It makes sense if that’s your answer, but what if we tell you there is a way to customize automated content.


Lemlist allows its users to send automated customized cold emails. These automated emails are tailored specifically to each receiver, therefore, decreasing the chances of the email ending up in spam. 


Don’t have the time to reply to emails? Not to worry! Lemlist has got you covered. Through Lemlist, you can automate follow-ups catering specifically to any given email. From email marketing to sales campaigns, Lemlist aims to provide you with the necessary tools and services to be successful in your sales and telemarketing campaigns.


Lemlist Review – Main Features


  • Lemwarm: Increase the reach of your email marketing through personalized emails generated automatically. Lemwarm allows you to interact with other Lemlist users through customized emails and automatically replies to them for you.
  • Personalized Content: Create a stronger bond with your audience with the help of customized content. Lemlist allows you to personalize pictures, videos, and even landing pages to make your audience feel special.
  • Automated Follow-up: Automatically reply to clients without losing any human touch. The follow-up messages can be personalized as to what is written in them to the delay between each text displayed to the client.
  • Liquid Syntax: Segment your targeted audience into different groups and send customized content accordingly. This feature will help you in creating a better connection with your audience.
  • CRM Integration: Optimize your CRM software and improve existing relationships. Lemlist allows you to easily integrate with the leading CRM software such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Axonaut. 
  • Web extension: Want to integrate Lemlist into your LinkedIn account? No problem! You can install Lemlist’s Google Chrome Extension and let Lemlist handle the rest for you.


Lemlist Review – Integrations


Lemlist smoothly integrates with these business tools:


  • CRM’S: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Axonaut.
  • B2B Lead Generation Tools: Drop Contract, Uplead, LeadFuze, Bouncer, DeBounce, and Leadcamp.
  • Growth Tools: Phantombuster, Albacross, Aircall, Droyd, Pabbly Connect, and Salesmsg.
  • Business Communication Tool: Slack.
  • Automation Tool: Zapier.


You can connect Lemlist with Slack, Google Drive, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, ClickFunnels, Asana, Trello, and many more apps via Zapier. 


There are two supported triggers and twelve supported actions listed on Zapier. These supported triggers and actions revolve around activity tracking; therefore, keeping you up to date with the latest activity revolving around your targeted audience.


Lemlist Zapier Integration


Lemlist Review and Integrations




  • New Activity: This trigger will inform you about any recent activity that has occurred. It can either be a notification that an email has been sent or that someone has viewed your LinkedIn recently.
  • Unsubscribed Recipient: Informs you about any recipient who unsubscribes from your email subscription list. This information can help you understand how effective your email marketing is in retaining existing clients.




  • Mark a lead from all campaigns as interested: This action will allow you to mark the target audience for all the selected campaigns. It will enable you to send emails and interact with the desired audience, resulting in a more effective sales campaign.
  • Mark a lead from one campaign as interested: Results are the same as the one stated before; the only difference is that this action allows you to select a target audience for one selected campaign.
  • Add a lead to a campaign: This action enables you to add a target audience to any campaign. 
  • Pause lead from all campaigns: This feature allows you to pause interactions with the target audience in all campaigns.
  • Resume a lead from all campaigns: Results in undoing the action stated previously.
  • Remove a lead from a campaign: This feature allows you to remove any target audience from a campaign. This action gives you the chance to fix any error made while previously selecting a target audience.
  • Remove a lead from unsubscribe: Helps in bringing back a lead that was previously placed in the unsubscribed list.
  • Stop emailing a lead in a campaign: This gives you the right to stop sending emails to any given target audience in a campaign.
  • Add recipient to unsubscribe list: This action helps you place unresponsive recipients to the unsubscribed list.
  • Update lead from a campaign: It will allow you to make additions to any campaign’s previously selected target audience.
  • Search lead: This action gives you the liberty of searching up any target audience of a campaign.
  • Find or create a lead: Helps in identifying the target audience of any given campaign.


You can always visit the Lemlist Zapier listing page to get additional information about the supported triggers and actions.


Lemlist Review – Pricing


Lemlist offers monthly and yearly installments. If you are confused about whether you should invest in Lemlist or not, you can always try out their 14-day free trial.


Lemlist Pricing


If you decide to invest in Lemlist, here are the following options you can choose from:


Email Warm-up


  • Monthly payment: $29/ per month
  • Annual payment: $25/ per month
  • Features: Automated customized cold emails to all Lemlist users. The customization ensures that the email is relevant to the receiver and decreases the email’s chances of ending up in spam.


Email Outreach


  • Monthly payment: $59/ per user per month
  • Annual payment: $50/ per user per month
  • Features: This allows you to run large-scale personalized cold email campaigns and offers all features mentioned in the “Email Warm-up.”


Sales Engagement


  • Monthly payment: $99/ per user per month
  • Annual payment: $83/ per user per month
  • Features: Helps you to run successful sales campaigns through cold emails, cold calls, and an integrated LinkedIn workflow. It also offers all features mentioned in “Email Outreach.”


The price of the services offered by Lemlist shows how they are willing to cater to any business, from small-scale businesses to large corporations. If you are a small-scale business looking to increase your customer base, the “Email Warm-up” option is the best option for you.


However, if you are running a large corporation, you should look into the “Sales Engagement” option, as that will help you in optimizing your next sales campaign.


G2 Score


Lemlist has a 4.5-star rating on, from 85 reviews. The Lemlist User Rating breakdown is like this:


  • Ease of Use: 8.9
  • Quality of Support: 8.7
  • Ease of Setup: 9.9
  • Ease of Admin:9.5
  • Quality of Support: 6.7
  • Ease of Doing Business With: 9.5


Let’s see what some people at G2 have to say about Lemlist.


Positive Lemlist Review

“Top of the List Email Marketing Solution”

“Lemlist helped me to send cold emails and generate leads.”

“Best cheap alternative to HubSpot”


Negative Lemlist Review

“Terrible Customer Service, Extremely Unprofessional”

“Buggy software, poor UI, worse customer support”

“Awful customer service, clunky UI.”


Capterra Score

The star rating for Lemlist on Capterra is 4.6 from 326 user reviews. The reviews breakdown is as follows:


  • Overall: 4.6
  • Ease of Use: 4.5
  • Customer Service: 4.7
  • Features: 4.0
  • Value for Money: 4.0


Here’s what Capterra had to say about Lemlist.


Positive Lemlist Review

“Lemlist is a super powerful SAAS application which can skyrocket our overall cold emailing and outreach.”

“Fantastic outreach tool with the power of personalized images”

“Perfect tool to make a personalized drip campaign that is sent from your email address”


Negative Lemlist Review

“Decent product, horrible customer service”

“Poor customer service, UI clunky and unintuitive”

“The fee for their basic version is now $49/person, not $29. Poor customer service – However, I’ve had several experiences with customer service that was not ideal.”


Alternatives to Lemlist


It would be wrong to say that Lemlist is the only software with such features. Alternatives to Lemlist offer more or less the same features at different price points. 


But why should one know about these options? Simple! One needs to know about the other options to make the best decision. Here are some good alternatives to Lemlist


  • Reply: A sales engagement platform that automates sales conversation at every level of the sales process.
  • Mixmax: An email tracking and marketing tool used to monitor the performance of an email marketing campaign.
  • Outreach: A user-friendly sales automation software.
  • Yesware: Another email tracking tool with a CRM integration to the top CRM software such as Salesforce.
  • Salesloft: One of the leading sales engagement platforms to help you develop the best sales strategy.
  • A database that helps entrepreneurs and business teams analyse and improve their growth-based strategies.
  • ActiveCampaign: Marketing automation software aimed at small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Zoho CRM: A CRM software that brings sales, marketing, and customer support activity under one roof.


In Summary


Is Lemlist worth the hype? The answer to this question depends on you.


Most of the praise surrounding Lemlist revolves around how the software allows its users to send customized cold emails in bulk with the help of automation. The software also allows its users to create effective email marketing and sales campaigns in no time.


However, the downside of the software is its customer service. It seems to be the common theme in all of the negative reviews given to Lemlist. 


If good customer service is something that you prioritize on, then maybe Lemlist is not the best fit for you. But, if you are ready to look past this minor flaw, Lemlist seems to be one of the best cold email outreach software available in the market today.

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Full Woodpecker Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Full Woodpecker Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Read our Woodpecker review and see what other professionals have to say, learn about pricing, popular features, and discover all current integrations. Not sure if is the right fit for you? Read our other sales tools reviews to learn more about what’s out there. Full Review


A cold email is a type of correspondence where you have never interacted with the recipient before. It is similar to a cold call, except that it is far less intrusive. Prospects can review your email at any time and contact you when it is convenient for them. Not to mention, it saves you a lot of time. 


The only responses you’ll get are from genuine prospects, barring a few who don’t respond. In other words, most of your valuable time will be spent with prospects who show a willingness to buy. This brings us to Woodpecker, a cold email automating tool.


What is


YouTube video


Woodpecker is a tool for automating email marketing and follow-up campaigns. It provides B2B companies with an intuitive way to connect with potential customers and partners – and keep the conversation going. Emails can be sent from both Gmail and Outlook using this amazing email marketing automation tool. Generally speaking, Woodpecker is used by businesses today to track, personalize, and automate outbound sales campaigns.


The tool enables users to reach out across channels more effectively with LinkedIn manual tasks and Woodpecker Calls, a feature that allows Android users to schedule and track calls directly from their phones. It’s like having an assistant that starts conversations and builds B2B relationships for you. Professionals in sales, lead generation, and recruitment can spend more time focusing on the human aspect of the task.


When it comes to cold email campaigns, the goal is to receive a response and Woodpecker makes the process extremely simple.


Woodpecker Review – Main Features


There are a lot of great features in Woodpecker’s cold email service. In this Woodpecker review we’ll take a look at the main ones, which can be found below.


Automate the Follow-up Process


You can use Woodpecker to automatically follow-up within a thread. By doing this, you ensure your prospects have all the context they need; if they didn’t open your email, they can browse the thread and understand what you’re saying. Moreover, Woodpecker lets you set the delivery times for your campaign emails within a preferred time zone.



Several personalization options are available in Woodpecker, including company name, first name, and whatever custom field you select. With Woodpecker, you can create up to seven follow-up campaigns. Each follow-up will be sent at a time interval you set. For instance, in the event your prospect does not respond to your first email, your second can be scheduled to go out three days later.


Within seconds, you can integrate your Gmail, Outlook, or any IMAP account with Woodpecker. Using as many email addresses as you want and setting aliases is ideal for large teams that need to contact prospects repeatedly.


Your messages will be sent automatically once you have set everything up. Emails are sent with irregular frequency because of Woodpecker’s email throttling algorithm, which reduces your domain’s chances of being blocked by anti-spam filters. In addition to personalization, you can also merge information from your contact base into your template through custom fields and snippets. The information can be imported from your CRM as well, making emails feel more personal and unique.



Security is a top priority for Woodpecker. Duplicates are eliminated as a first step in keeping your email secure. It doesn’t matter if you import your contacts manually, via CSV, or by syncing them with another application, as duplicates from your cold email prospect list are automatically detected and removed by Woodpecker.


Furthermore, non-existing addresses are avoided. You won’t be able to send your email to a doubtful address if there is a chance of a hard bounce. Simply keeping yourself from being blacklisted due to too many bounced emails is worth the price. Furthermore, you will be prevented from resending the same message to the same recipient, which saves a lot of embarrassment.

Tracking and Stats


YouTube video


Tracking of open rates provides information about how many people open your emails and when they are most likely to be opened.


Monitoring the response rate lets you see how many people are replying to your messages, so you can make improvements to your copy to get more responses.


A pretty cool feature from Woodpecker lets you see how many responses were positive, and then you can mark the replies as either interested, maybe later, or not interested. It will then be easier to gauge the overall effectiveness of any particular cold email campaign.


You can measure the click-through rates for your links with Woodpecker of any link included in your document. Now it’s easier to manage your bounce rate by controlling your invalid emails. This way, you can make sure your domain always has a good reputation by knowing how many of your emails bounced.


It is important to know these stats to grow an email campaign because you can test different lists, messages, subject lines, etc. to determine which ones perform the best.


Woodpecker Review – Integrations


Woodpecker integrates with the following business tools:


CRMs: Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Close

Prospecting Tools: UpLead, LeadFuze, Leadpresso, Nerd Wise, Hunter

Multichannel: LinkedIn, Twitter, Dux-soup, salesmsg

Mailbox: SendGrid, Mailgun, Google, Exchange, Office 365

Webinars: Zoom, demio, GoToWebinar, join me, ClickMeeting

Productivity: Sheets, Calendly, LiveChat, Slack, Intercom

Plugins: WordPress

API Aggregators: Zapier, Piesync, Leadsbridge, Integromat, Integratedly


Zapier Integrations

Through Zapier, you can pair Woodpecker with CRMs, communicators, Google Sheets, Contacts, and other applications like Salesforce, HubSpot,, Zoom, Pipedrive, Zoho, and many more. Zapier Integration


Woodpecker Zapier Integration


Woodpecker Review – Pricing


For only $40 per month, per seat, Woodpecker is a very reasonable option. When you pay yearly, it only costs $33 per month. Considering that you get statistics you can use to improve your cold email campaigns over time along with automated emails, this is an incredibly attractive deal.


More email inboxes (or “seats”) can be added to the account at an additional cost. You will pay $80 per month if you have two email boxes integrated into one account and sent from two different email addresses. In other words, the $40 per month (or $33 per month if you pay yearly) plan will work well if all you need is something basic.


Woodpecker Review and Pricing


The 14-day free trial is offered by Woodpecker, so you can test it out and determine if you like it or not. Upon expiration of your free trial, all campaigns will be paused (not deleted, fortunately) until you choose a pricing plan, and you still have access to all of your campaigns and statistics.


Best of all, you do not even have to provide your credit card information, which makes signing up for the free trial much simpler. There is no long-term commitment or contract. All you have to do is pay as you go and cancel whenever you like. Your account can also be upgraded or downgraded at any time.


G2 Score


Woodpecker has a 4.4-star rating on from 35 reviews. The Woodpecker User Ratings are broken down into:


Ease of Use: 8.7

Quality of Support: 8.2

Ease of Setup: 8.5


In addition, the other product features score highly, including 88% for its open rates tracking and 82% for link activity. Email platform integration proves a winner with G2 reviewers, scoring a whopping 92%. Email scheduling stands at 91%. Notification features come at 85%, while email categorization and templates score 80% and 87%, respectively.


Here’s what some Woodpecker users had to say on the G2 site:


Positive Woodpecker Reviews 


“Woodpecker not only automates my messaging but also gives a possibility to customize the first message for one particular prospect. As a result, even though my campaigns are automated, they still have a personal touch.”

“It is a super user-friendly platform to use and it does whatever it is supposed to do. EMAILING, be it from a sales or marketing perspective.”

“I liked the email campaign scenarios where you could build the flow of your email campaign based on the recipient’s behavior. I also like that the emails sent from Woodpecker are stored in my mail account, so I can later find them with the search if needed.”


Negative Woodpecker Reviews 


“Pricing is a bit on the higher side compared to other tools.”

“There are some things that are more complicated than necessary – for instance, it would be nice to have a button that would make the settings the same in all emails in one campaign, but you currently have to change everything manually.”

“Reporting analytics could go into more depth in relation to lead scoring.”


Capterra Score


The star rating for Woodpecker on Capterra is 4.8 from 19 user reviews. The reviews breakdown is as follows:


Overall: 4.8/5

Ease of Use: 4.8/5

Customer Service: 4.6/5


Here is what Capterra reviewers reported. 


Positive Woodpecker Reviews 


“Easy to use interface, great customer support, newsletter with helpful tips and tricks. Uploading contacts is very easy.”

“Everything is so easy to upload and track when it comes to sequencing emails. I love that it’s also easy to edit and make changes.”

“We have also found that their support is really great and when we have had questions about the platform, we have always received the support we need as an organization.”


Negative Woodpecker Reviews 


“To change the order of a sequence, I have to copy/paste the email between fields. Why can’t I just drag and drop – or anything other than copy/paste?”

“I would say the analytics may be the downside of Woodpecker. First, they are not very thorough but they also lack precision and fidelity compared to other software I have been able to test.”

“The major downside to Woodpecker is the lack of two very important features for email marketing: 1) A/B testing in order to find which variation of an email gets the best conversions 2) No easy way to do opt-out links; the current solution feels clunky and like an afterthought.”


Woodpecker Competitors


Some of the alternatives to Woodpecker are Reply, Klenty, Kartra, Oliverlist, GMass, Salesloft, and HubSpot.




Reviewers love Woodpecker, many of them have been loyal users for years, praising its simple interface and ease of use. It does extremely well compared to its competitors. In terms of cold email automation, it has a high number of professional users and a large number of online reviews, suggesting it is a great choice.


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Full Mailshake Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Full Mailshake Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Read our Mailshake review and see what other professionals have to say, learn about pricing, popular features, and discover all current integrations. Not sure if Mailshake is the right fit for you? Read our other sales tools reviews to learn more about what’s out there.

Mailshake Full Review


Some might call Mailshake an email automation tool, but the truth is, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a full sales engagement platform that allows sales and marketing teams to create and automate a variety of pipelines and funnels to qualify, nurture and eventually, convert their top prospects. 


There are a lot of tools that do some of those things, but not that many that combine them all – and then some. Even fewer that do it well. So how does Mailshake stack up? We’ve got a full Mailshake review, so you can see for yourself. 


Mailshake Review – Main Features


YouTube video


Mailshake aims to be somewhat of a Swiss army knife of modern day marketing. Which means that it takes a lot of the most important features businesses need to successfully automate and manage their marketing pipeline and combines them into one easy to navigate system. So far so good. We like a lot of features, and we like easy to use even more. 


In the case of Mailshake, those features include:


Prospecting and Outreach


Prospecting and outreach are one of the most time consuming parts of the marketing process. They’re also the basis on which everything else is built. This is why Mailshake has built tools to speed up prospecting and make initial outreach easier, personalized and compliant – because there’s still the ever present threat of spam penalties looming! 


Tracking and Measuring 


We all know that the best marketing plans are built on S.M.A.R.T. goals, so it only makes sense that a comprehensive marketing tool like Mailshake has built tracking and measuring right into their platform. Once you’ve sent out your emails, you can review bounces, unsubscribes, clicks and more. 


Lead Management


Usually, you’d need to use a CRM to manage your leads as they progress through the sales process, but Mailshake has built that in too. You can even reply to contact requests without leaving the platform, which is another great timesaver. 


VOIP for Cold Calling


Yes. We all hate cold calling. Yes. Everyone says cold calling is dead. It’s not though, and that’s why Mailshake has built tools for that part of the process into their platform. You can access client data, create call notes right in the platform and even use the built in VOIP platform to choose the right area code to call from. Tres impressive! 


Social Media Integration


You know when they say you need to “be where your prospects are?” Well, they’re probably on social media, and that’s probably LinkedIn. So Mailshake has built easy back and forth LinkedIn functionality into their system. 


Full Email Automation


Of course, at its heart, Mailshake is a really advanced, really expanded mail automation tool. So, it stands to reason that it has the full A to Z of everything you could want to automate every marketing email you could ever want to send, built right in. 


Support and Training


So many great platforms build amazing features, but then forget to tell you how they work. Mailshake has a full suite of support and training options and features, so you can get help whenever you need help figuring something out. 


Mailshake Review – Integrations


These days, even the best platforms are only as strong as their integrations. We don’t want to have to do things manually, so the more things any tool can do for us, the better. Fortunately, Mailshake has been paying attention, and they’ve got some great integrations built in, including:


  • Salesforce, Salesflare, Copper, AgileCRM, Pipedrive, Freshsales, WhatConverts, Nimble, Salesmate, Zoho and Hubspot CRMs
  • All the big email platforms, including Outlook and Gmail
  • Calendly, Acuity Scheduling and Schedule Once to manage your schedule
  • Call Loop and Twilio if you would prefer to use your own call and text services
  • LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing and prospecting
  • Drift, Crisp, Slack and LiveAgent for chat messaging
  • Vidyard for video
  • Dialpad
  • Google Workspace
  • SMTP
  • Integrately connector


Mailshake also integrates with Zapier, with a large number of popular workflow options, and the following triggers: 


Mailshake Zapier Integration


Mailshake Review – Pricing


Mailshake offers per user pricing, so you can add as many team members as you need to your plan. There are monthly and annual pricing options. If you choose an annual plan, you will automatically get a 25% discount, which is fairly substantial if you’re sure you’re going to use it for a year, and you want to make an upfront investment. 


There are two pricing tiers: an Email Outreach option, with fewer features, and all the bells and whistles with the Sales Engagement plan. The former will cost you $59 per user per month if you sign up monthly, and the latter will cost $99 per user per month for a monthly subscription. 


It is worth noting that the total annual savings for these plans are $180 and $288, so if you can sign up for a full year, you can save a significant amount on your subscription. 


Each user can add one email account to your Mailshake account, so they can send all their emails and correspondence from their own email account for a personal touch. 


Mailshake Pricing


Mailshake Review – G2 Score: What do people say?


Mailshake has a 4.7 star rating on G2, and the vast majority of their reviews are five stars – so that’s a good indication that they are doing something right. Some of their reviews include:


“Excellent software. Even better team behind it.”


What do you like best?


I love the simplicity of the platform. It is very easy to use, even though there are a myriad and growing number of functions. Split testing is the best, as it is not available as effectively in most any other cold email platforms. In addition, there support team is spectacular and very knowledgeable and open to assisting you on your campaigns.


What do you dislike?


The only thing I don’t like is when you have a winning split test it is hard to set it as the winning one from my understanding, although I know it is tough depending on where a lead is in the process. I’m hoping for some sort of solution for this soon. 


“Quick To Set Up Easy To Use”


What do you like best?


The ease of use when it comes to creating sequences and adding prospects to the system.


What do you dislike?


There is not a single thing I dislike about Mailshake 


“Easy to send emails – just what we need. “


What do you like best?


I love how simple everything is. Mailshake is to the point, clean and efficient. It saves me time and helps me organize my many many emails.


What do you dislike?


It would be nice if there was instant customer support – but I really haven’t had to use it… 


“Automation tool that doesn’t automate process”


What do you like best?


Only good thing is that it is not hard to use


What do you dislike?


I use Mailshake for emailing and my experience with it is terrible. First, it is breaking all campaigns (even scheduled), second out of office reply is counted as potential lead so it doesn’t send follow-ups to those people. Third thing is that email doesn’t work, just form that I dug somewhere but that is not the end. On my question why it breaks initial campaign and information that their email is not working I got an answer ‘can you tell me when you wrote us since we want to ensure that we answer….’ typical support answer but without reply on my problem. I wrote a couple of time since then and I am waiting for 20 days, no answer. So, an automatic tool that doesn’t automate a process and without support. I would never go into such an adventure again. Paying for nothing, it doesn\t worth even a penny. 


“Was Great Until They Got Their 5* Review Off Me and Never Got Back To Me”


What do you like best?


It’s affordable and easy to set up – really enjoy using it!

Also helps me automate a lot of my work and is like having your own employee.

Main feature is how straight-forward it is.


What do you dislike?


Support is shocking.

As soon as they told me I was getting $50 for a review, I notified them the review was made and they never got back to me.

My emails have been down, and I’ve sent them constant emails asking to fix it and they’ve still not got back to me 5 days later. 


“Still learning the tool, but mail campaigns coming together”


What do you like best?


Sending out 2000 emails with drip, tracking, and follow up working well


What do you dislike?


I wish the ability to see all clients was easier without having to constantly click the show more button – have an option to open all leads on a campaign 

Also wish you could search a name without having to open each a campaign 


Mailshake Review – Capterra Score: What do people say?


Mailshake has 4.7 on Capterra too, off a total of 92 reviews, so their platform is well received there too. 


Great tool for personalized email outreach!


5 months ago 


Comments: On top of the above-mentioned points, their content and events are highly recommended. I’ve bookmarked several of their blog posts and regularly revisit them to improve my email campaigns. 



Extremely easy to implement and start a campaign. Had a great experience with their sales rep, from scheduling a demo to offering a limited period trial to finalizing the plan. The tool is super helpful and appealing to use – loved the UI!



No major complaints. Though they have dedicated web pages to compare Mailshake with, Salesloft, Mixmax, etc., I honestly don’t know where they perform better. A detailed comparison can help prospects decide to better & migrate from these tools if needed.


Simple, affordable, highly effective email marketing software


5 years ago 



I love that I can easily duplicate and send emails to large lists without overcomplicating things, and also send using Gmail aliases. Mailshake allows me to personalize emails for myself and other individuals on my team, and track responses, with simple rules to avoid a spammy feeling. Our open rates are through the roof, and emails are sent successfully. I also really appreciate the alerts when I am sending to new lists, to avoid sending to people who may already be in another email drip or have previously unsubscribed or converted.



I honestly can’t think of anything. I wish all software worked this well and as easily.




5 years ago 


Comments: I’m not exaggerating that the money we spent last year on Mailshake that we have 100X our return on investment. I highly recommend their email marketing solution. 



Mailshake is easy to use! I love the fact that there is very little learning curve. You can upload your list and start a campaign in minutes. I will say that this was single handedly the best purchase of all the software we purchased last year.



I have nothing bad to say. They are great from the software to support. I love their software!


Lame customer support


1 year ago 



It can help you to automate email campaigns to a certain extent, it does send faster than if you would do it manually, it keeps track of follow ups.



Customer support does not respond to your queries, not even after a month, if email replies ‘out of office’ is in another language besides English, it counts the email as a valid reply, if you schedule initial campaign on the specific date, it does not send it entirely on that day yet breaks it into several batches thus disrupt you next follow ups (instead of after 3 days, you end up with a follow up sent the following day) etc.

Making bulk emails easier


2 years ago 



It is easier to send emails to a lot of people and automatizes your emailing job. Zou can set up timing of your campaign, so you don’t have to be at job when it sends your emails.



It doesn’t stop emails from people when they write from different email address and it recognizes out of office msg as a reply, so doesn’t send follow-ups which creates a lot of extra work, that should be automatized with Mailshake.


Overall, a decent tool – with major drawbacks in my experience


3 years ago 



I like the simplicity of the tool – Highly intuitive to use and will save major time for bulk sending emails.



For weeks, we’ve had deliverability issues and had to juggle between G-Suite support and Mailshake. At the end it was a combination of errors that led to our emails landing in spam folders.


Mailshake Review – Main competitors


There are a lot of email and marketing automation tools out there, so Mailshake has plenty of competition. Some of the top contenders are:


Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Scrape & personalize cold emails without the hard work

Full Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Full Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Read our review and see what other professionals have to say, learn about pricing, popular features, and discover all current integrations. Not sure if is the right fit for you? Read our other sales tools reviews. is e-mail outreach software that syncs the prospect data from your CRM to your campaigns and gives you the ability to add prospects from Linkedin search through ProspectDaddy extension. provides automated email outreach, personalization, A/B testing of emails, account based sales workflows for spam tests, validation of lists with built-in email cleaning functionality, sync of prospects from CRM, real-time


YouTube video


As far as reliability goes, gives you the ability to get notified in a variety of manners, and you have the ability to know if a prospect has opened the email, which further gives you a chance to sell them. The CRM integrations are a plus as well. has all the elements of a great outreach platform, and the best part is that it is easy to use. is the kind of software that lets you take advantage of your existing tools without having to learn a lot of new features. It is powerful, affordable, and easy to use. If you are a marketing professional that uses a combination of email campaigns and CRM, then will give you all the features you need to make your job easier. Review – Main features enables you to:


Send personalized emails and follow-ups, as if you were sending manually allows you to follow up in a number of ways. You can follow-up with a missed reminder, email, phone call, text, or social media.


You can also customize the follow-up with your prospect’s industry, employer, city, etc. If you are targeting a small niche, you can create industry-specific offers. It even has preset templates that will save time and allow you to get right to business.


Reach customers in their primary inboxes, not their spam folders


Email marketing is difficult and time consuming, and there are many things that you can do to make it go smoother. With you can target your leads right away. While most salespeople spend too much time fishing through their inboxes for leads, automatically tracks prospects who are members of their list and reaches members through their primary inbox.


Access an incredibly powerful and yet pain-free way to interact with technology


Most salespeople were accustomed to using the phone when dealing with technical support. changes all that and allows you to access everything you need in one interface.


Outline your company’s goals, delegate tasks, and foster collaboration so your team can be more productive gives you the ability to plan your goals, assign tasks to team members, and build a better team to reach your goals. By tracking your sales goals with, you will have a better idea of who needs to be assigned to which tasks.


Detailed Reporting — for easy and prompt decision making


One of the main benefits of using a professional CRM is the reporting features, which will give you actionable insights into your progress and sales performance. gives you the ability to capture a prospect’s email, as well as metrics on how many people are viewing and downloading your collateral.


Integrate with a variety of applications, making the data it captures more universally accessible


Having the ability to sync data between multiple applications is crucial for sales and marketing teams to be effective. With, you can easily set up integrations for HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot, Marketov, and more. Review – Integrations Integrations


Some of the best features of are the many integrations available for it. The list of integrations is extensive, and they are ideal for any salesperson or marketer that is serious about connecting their sales and marketing efforts. These integrations can help you engage your customers by setting up campaigns or to provide you with leads. Review – Pricing offers three plans: Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. All plans include unlimited campaigns and unlimited follow ups. The Standard plan, priced at $24 per user per month, features workflow automation and Zapier Integration along with all campaign perks—excluding A/B testing. The Pro plan provides clients with all campaign perks including A/B testing along with a nearly complete suite of integrations at $39 per user per month. The Ultimate plan, which costs $59 per user per month, includes all campaign perks and the full suite of integrations, along with robust client support. Free trials are available for 14 days. Pricing


Detailed information about pricing, perks, and product links can be found on the official website.


Reviews — Capterra Score | 4.7 out of 5 stars


“Our One and Only Email Campaign Manager”


Pros: Everything. SmarReach is everything we need for managing our email campaigns. Their support team is FANTASTIC. We have had many custom requests that they have immediately added into their software. They are always quick to respond.


Cons: Nothing. SmartReach does what its supposed to, and it does it very well.

“Easy to use, efficient and smart”

Pros: Support has been amazing. Intuitive compared to its competitors and is built really well for the task I needed


Cons: I can’t think of any at this time – it was so much better than the previous software I used


Switched From: Mailchimp


Reasons for Switching to Mailchimp too controlling, more style than substance


“Love working with Smartreach”


Overall: One of my favorite parts about smart reach is being able to quickly and easily access their support team on a chat screen on their page. Without it, the experience would be completely different. But when learning how to use smartreach, you can do a week’s worth of work in a day because of the accessibility of their support team.


Pros: Smartreach has thought through all of it’s use cases and has a feature for pretty much any and all items their customer might need when it comes to an email campaign system. To put it plainly, smart reach just works. I’m glad I found it.


Cons: Nothing in particular. Their internal inbox could use some work, but that is not a deal breaker whatsoever as I have my own inbox outside of smart reach. If you can build strong email lists with strong content, this product is a no brainer.

“Great Support Team”


Pros: As another reviewer stated, we also have had custom requests that SmartReach immediately added. The SmartReach team responds quickly and addresses whatever issue we have questions about. Additionally, the software is easy to use and has useful integrations. SmartReach performs as advertised and is a good value.


Cons: SmartReach does not have every feature I could wish for, but the support team works quickly to add the ones I bring to their attention.


Reviews collected by and hosted on


Alternatives and Competitors to 


Main competitors include Reply, Mixmax, Outreach, Snov, Yesware, Salesloft, Klenty, and


Reasons for Switching to Smartreach’s pricing is competitive, and the product interface is simple and pleasant to use. The workflow is easy. And while you may not have a need for extra the features, the option to purchase more functionality in the future is a plus. If you are looking for something that could automatically handle our testing and ecommerce campaigns, might be a good fit.


Reasons for Switching to a Competitor: The competition is great. Both MailChimp and Smartreach have free trials and are good options, but each of them can’t address every need. Along with that, some customers may be disappointed with the technical support they provide or where the information comes from, so they may want to consider another solution if their needs are not addressed adequately. Review – Summary is unique in the email marketing space. It is simple and easy to use, delivers consistently on a variety of customer needs, and is feature-rich. SmartReach is a recommended solution for SMBs, or companies who are looking for something very specific and are trying to bring their email marketing up to par with other tools in their space. That being said, the competition is fierce and some competitors might have more features or may be able to do a better job of working with you on whatever personalization or ecommerce functionality is important to you.

Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Scrape & personalize cold emails without the hard work Review and Pricing (2022 Update) Review and Pricing (2022 Update)

Read our review and see what other professionals have to say, learn about pricing, popular features, and discover all current integrations. Not sure if is the right fit for you? Read our other sales tools reviews.


Sales, especially B2B sales, isn’t that easy. First, you have to track down a prospect, and get their contact information. Then, you must deal with gatekeepers, competitor’s sales professionals, and decision maker skepticism. With everyone else clambering for the same information (and eyeballs), most sales professionals need an edge.


That’s where Snovio and other tools come in. They help bridge the gap between sales professionals and their prospects. Then, they’ll help keep track of all the moving parts of a sales or marketing campaign, from emails to Google ads and more. Each tool covers one or more segment of this process. SO much so, that the old-fashioned Rolodex is rarely used anymore. This review will help you see what the tool has to offer, and who it is useful for. We’ll also look at some alternatives. Review – Main value proposition


YouTube video


No review would be complete without describing the ways in which the tool can be used. Simply put, Snovio is an integrated lead generation, email marketing, and CRM tool. One of the major features is LinkedIn scraping, which requires careful precautions to ensure that the terms of service are met. LinkedIn is notorious for limiting access to member information, in part because their premium accounts give some of this information-for a fee. With, some of this information is unlocked.


Another thing that Snovio does is manage customer contacts. Features to do this include sending drip emails, marketing automation, and a basic CRM. Here, the idea is to keep everything in once place, making the job of sales easier. With that said, this Snovio review will discuss integrations that help when other tools are needed.


As a lead generation tool, Snovio is mainly geared towards B2B sales companies. It has flexibility that allows both large and small businesses to benefit. In addition, they have some functions that would be useful for startups that need to raise funding, or nonprofits seeking large donations. Finally, corporate recruiters can leverage Snovio to find the perfect candidate. For that reason, Snovio can be a relatively versatile tool.


Snovio features calls itself a lead discovery and “sales acceleration” tool. For this reason, most features we’ll discuss in this Snovio review will focus on finding people and following up with them. Unlike some other competitors, the developers don’t have “catchy” feature categories. We’ll talk about each function, therefore, individually.


Email discovery and validation


A core cluster of features helps to find and validate emails. To that end, provides a free email search tool on their website. This one lets you enter a domain name and get a list of email addresses linked to it. While a list like this doesn’t indicate who might be a decision maker, it will at least give a starting point. 


More advanced tools in the paid version let users get more specific information. Searching by company, for instance, can yield the name and email of a key decision maker at a company. Or, it can generate a list of companies your sales department needs to follow up on (and gives the information needed). Have a name and company without the email? can generate it for you. Topping off its discovery tools, Snovio features a Boolean search. This lets users focus on finding the most useful leads and email addresses.


Finally, offers email verification. This tool lets you check many emails at once, or only a few. Then, you’ll get a list of which ones are valid, providing an opportunity to purge your list. They’ll also tell you if the email address is based on a free service, among other attributes.


Snovio Chrome extensions


Besides the in-app email functions, our Snovio review needs to discuss some browser extensions that are made by the company and work with it.


  • Email finder: Looks for leads anywhere on the Web, while you surf.
  • LinkedIn prospect finder: Searches LinkedIn for leads and emails, checking company pages, Sales Navigator profiles, and search results.
  • Unlimited email tracker: Leverages the power of Synovio to aid success for Gmail users.
  • Gblast email merge: Mail merges and mass mailings for Gmail, made easy.
  • Email verifier: A chrome extension version of Snovio’s powerful email checker.
  • Technology checker: Geared towards tech companies, this plugin tells you what tools and code are used on a target website.

Snovio Email tracker


Gmail users, this is extra good news in a Snovio review. The tool keeps track of which emails are opened by the recipient, and when. When an email open is discovered, the tool lets you know with a push notification. In addition, the extension tracks your email history with each recipient and reminds you when to send another one. Finally, you can schedule emails to be sent at a specific time.


Drip Campaigns


With, you can design and execute drip email campaigns. You can easily make personalized email campaigns to be sent in bulk, or only a few at a time. This way, each email addresses your prospect’s unique needs and pain points.


Another feature of the drip campaign solution is easy collaboration. Your team mates can see what they need to do. Emails are drafted in part using drag and drop technology, and you can perform in-app A/B testing for improved performance. 


Since campaigns are never one size fits all, you can set behavioural triggers for automated emails. This lets you respond to customer needs more easily and build the relationship to conversion. You can even customize email templates to combat writer’s block.




Rather than making you guess how well an email campaign went, Snovio provides analytics. These statistics tell you who opens what emails and when. They also provide customer behavior information that helps you fine-tune your approach over time.




As part of a Snovio review, you should know that they do provide an API. This allows users to integrate almost any software with their Snovio account.


CRM functionality


Finally, provides a basic CRM free of charge. This lets you track customer preferences. It also links with your calendar software to schedule calls, appointments, and validate contacts. Finally, the CRM tracks job changes, reducing your bounce rate.




With, you have access to a wide range of native integrations. These include several types of sales, marketing, and customer service applications. Let’s look at some of them by type.

  • CRMs: Hubspot, Salesforce, and Asana.
  • Lead generation: Facebook, LinkedIn, Phantombuster, DuxSoup.
  • Collaboration:  Slack, Trello, Google apps.
  • Content personalization: NiftyImages, Hippo Video.
  • Customer retention: Twilio, Intercom, Calendly, Zoom.


Besides these integrations, Snovio also works with Zapier. Here are the integrations: Zapier Integration Integrations


Likewise, using Zapier with allows you to set action triggers: Review, Pricing, and Integrations


Snov Zapier Triggers Review – Pricing


With, pricing is relatively simple. That’s because you pay based on the number of “credits” and unique recipients you need. Users spend their monthly credits on email searches and verifications. Besides this limitation, all Snovio users get the same features. The credits can also be shared between unlimited team members. It’s essentially a pay as you go service.


Credit pack sizes:


  • Small: 1,000 credits, 5,000 recipients. $39/month.
  • Medium: 5,000 credits, 10,000 recipients. $99/month.
  • Large: 20,000 credits, 30,000 recipients. $189/month.
  • Extra Large: 50,000 credits, 50,000 recipients. $369/month.
  • Extra-Extra Large: 100,000 credits, 100,000 recipients. $739/month.


Arguably, the best part about Snovio pricing is that you pay less if you’re a small business. And as your business grows, you simply increase the size of your plan. Pricing


G2 Score


On G2, people are raving about Snovio. The average score is 4.5/5, drawn from 142 reviews. Positive reviews tout the ease of use, accuracy of emails found, and affordability.


Snovio Review Review


Snovio Review


Negative reviews were few and far between. The most common complaint is billing problems. Other customers mention trouble with emails being labeled as spam and some email accuracy issues. Review


Capterra Score for Snovio


Next, let’s look at the buzz on Capterra. Users give a 4.7/5 rating, over 108 separate reviews. Positive reviews mention the quality Snovio’s LinkedIn scraper, quality drip campaigns, and value for money.


“Yet, the drip campaigns must be one of the best options on the web. It’s worth every cent spent and I’d like to highly recommend it to all start-ups.”


“It is one of the best Linkedin scraping tools that I used. I didn’t find anything better until now.”


“It is worth it if you have the funds for it. A huge timesaver and a beast of an Salas.”


There were a few negative reviews, as well. These cite bugs, a hard to use CRM, and dependence on free email providers.


“This can be very inconvenient at times when I really need a proper email address. However, considering that this service is free, there is really no reason to complain.”


“CRM functions are little bit chaotic (if you use additional fields you have limited possibility to toggle columns in a table view).”


“Sometimes my IMAP settings for receiving emails get broken in the middle of Drip email campaign. This bug occurs that I’m sending follow-ups to the people which already responded to me.”


Snovio Alternatives


No marketing app is without competitors, and Snovio is no exception. Here are some alternatives that have similar features.


  • Salesflare: A simple, yet comprehensive lead generation tool that also functions as a CRM. It is geared for smaller businesses.
  • Zendesk Sell: Much better known, Zendesk has lead generation and email marketing capabilities in a CRM. Notably, it works well with other email marketing software.
  • Ricochet 360: More of an automated marketing platform. This includes automatic dialing and other call-based techniques in addition to email marketing.


Related Reviews:


Full Lemlist Review: Is Lemlist Worth the Hype?

Klenty Full Review and Pricing (2022 update)

Full Review and Pricing (2022 Update)


FAQs for Snovio Review


How do I download Extension?


The Email Finder by is available on the Chrome Web Store. To download  Snovio LI Prospect Finder, you need to download the package, unpack it, enable the developer mode and then load the unpacked extension.


How to use on Linkedin?


To use on LinkedIn, you need to install the LI Prospect Finder extension on your Chrome browser. After unpacking the extension, you can find  prospects from your LinkedIn account and directly save them to your list. Reinstallation of the extension is required whenever it receives an update.


What are Snov Credits? credits are earned when you subscribe to a plan. These credits can later be used as a form of payment for finding and verifying emails. These credits are valid for 30 days after you purchase a plan.


Is Email Finder free? Email Finder is free. However, with the free version, you can do 50 searches a month.


How do I use in Gmail?


To use in Gmail, you will have to download the Email Tracker extension from the Chrome Web Store and add it to Chrome. To start using the extension, enable activation of the Email Tracker for the Gmail account in which you want to use the extension. It is recommended to turn off other email tracking Chrome extensions while using the extension.


Is Safe?


Yes, is safe to use.


How to find email by LinkedIn profile through


To find emails on LinkedIn through, you need to install LI Prospect Finder on your Chrome browser. After installing the extension, click on the icon of the software placed in the upper right corner of your browser and select the people. In the second step, choose a list to add them to, which is visible in a drop-down, and then click “Find Emails and Save”.


Why are emails bouncing from


Email bounces are of two types in The hard bounce occurs when the email address of the recipient is invalid. On the other hand, a soft bounce occurs when the email address is temporarily unavailable due to reasons like large email size, the overfilled inbox of the recipient of the email from the sender is either blacklisted, blocked or marked as spam by the recipient. Review – The Bottom Line


Overall, Snovio is a great tool for B2B businesses that need to do email marketing. With high-quality LinkedIn scraping that works even on free accounts, there’s a lot to love about the details Snovio can retrieve. In an era where emails can be hard to find, and are vitally important, any edge helps.


As an added plus, Snovio has a simple CRM. If your business has never used a CRM, this is worth checking out. After all, it’s included with your subscription. However, the CRM doesn’t have a large number of integrations, and  has fewer features than most. Using Zapier will be a must for many Snovio users.


With that said, Snovio does deliver where it matters most: finding contact information and executing email campaigns. With its emphasis on Gmail and Chrome users, it’s a great tool for Google ecosystem users. And if you’re running a small business, that’s a major advantage.

Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Scrape & personalize cold emails without the hard work