Sales is an ever-changing field where you need to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, technologies, and tactics if you want to be successful. Since books and training videos can become dated pretty quickly, sales podcasts have become the most convenient and effective method of gaining new sales knowledge. 


If one wish to still add podcast via video method, it is advisable to do via business video hosting, as putting it directly might slow down the page loading speed.


Not only are podcasts free, but you can listen to them anytime and anywhere. Here are 8 of the best sales podcasts where you can get the latest tips from your favorite sales professionals while you’re on the go.


Make It Happen Mondays


John Barrows is a B2B Sales Trainer and the host of the Make It Happen Monday’s podcast. The weekly live show features conversations between John and a rotating panel of sales experts, covering a variety of B2B sales topics.


The show is ideal for any entry-level sales professionals looking for advice on personal branding, how to handle the daily sales grind, and how to get ahead of the competition.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify


Sell or Die


Networking and LinkedIn Expert Jennifer Gitomer co-hosts the Sell or Die sales podcast with best-selling author and top-notch sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer. The daily episodes are only 20 minutes long and provide valuable insights into the hard and soft skills that reps can develop in order to be successful in sales.


As a listener, this podcast can help you develop new healthy habits, strategies, and tactics used by the most successful sales reps and business leaders today.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast


Sales Success Stories


One of the best ways to improve and succeed in sales is to learn from the top performers in your industry. Scott Ingram, a seasoned B2B sales professional, seeks to replicate that learning experience with his podcast, Sales Success Stories. Scott speaks with top performers in the sales profession and has them deconstruct the strategies, habits, and books that have led to their success.


With a range of guests, each with their own unique stories, there are valuable takeaways for everyone across the sales spectrum.


Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify


The Salesman Podcast


In The Salesman Podcast, Will Barron explores the psychology of sales by digging into the roles that behavioral psychology, motivation, and body language play in every sale. Baron provides valuable insight from experts in and out of the sales profession so listeners can benefit from a wide range of perspectives.


Guests will often include startup CEOs, university neuropsychologists and professors, or professional sales coaches. Listen to this podcast if you’re looking to develop your prospecting skills using the advice of top professionals in the field.


YouTube video


Where to Listen: iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher


The Sales Evangelist


Host Donald Kelly is a well-known speaker and sales consultant who explores various high-level sales issues in his podcast, The Sales Evangelist. Each episode is only about 30 minutes long and includes a variety of helpful strategies for anyone that has recently started their sales career.


Recent topics have covered how best to breach the subject of sales with clients during a pandemic, how to maintain productivity at home, and simple strategies to help you convert leads into customers.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher


The GaryVee Audio Experience


Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known vlogger, CEO, investor, entrepreneur, and author. This New York Times bestseller is also recognized as a leading voice in modern marketing. Podcast episodes vary in length and subject matter. One day you can tune in for a 15-minute discussion about NFTs, and other days you’ll gain an hour of valuable insight into how you can be a better business leader in 2022.


On this podcast, you’ll get insight from a digital media entrepreneur that has relentlessly pushed his way into new markets. Each episode is full of actionable advice, so give this one a listen if you’re looking to stay a step ahead in sales and learn about the latest in tech.


Where to Listen: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher


The Advanced Selling Podcast


Recognized as one of the most entertaining and longest-running sales podcasts available, the Advanced Selling Podcast is a hit among sales professionals. Hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale are leading business strategists, B2B sales trainers, and leadership coaches with a great sense of humor.


With over two decades of sales experience, this pair provides practical wisdom and motivation to get you thinking like a sales pro. With an average length of 20 minutes, you can squeeze in a quick podcast during your lunch break and come out with a wealth of knowledge to apply to your afternoon sales calls.


Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify


Conversations with Women in Sales


This podcast was created for women sales executives with the goal of becoming the best global resource for women in sales. It features interviews with successful female sales leaders who discuss their experiences and provide practical sales advice for women working in a predominantly male field.


Each episode provides women with strategies and motivation to help them overcome adversity, avoid imposter syndrome, advance in their careers, pursue leadership roles, and achieve sales success.


Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify




Podcasts really are a wealth of knowledge, and there are plenty of options for any sales professional looking to learn and improve their craft. Each podcast on this list provides valuable insight into different aspects of the sales cycle, with some focusing on motivation and inspiration while others dive deep into unique techniques and strategies for success.


No matter what you’re looking for, there is a podcast out there to help you get ahead in your career and become a sales pro. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best sales podcasts for beginners?

Many of the podcasts mentioned above are great for entry-level sellers as well as more seasoned professionals.


Where can I listen to the best sales podcasts?

The podcasts above are available on a variety of platforms. iTunes and Spotify are the most popular, but you can also browse sales podcasts on YouTube if you like to have a visual element.


Where can I find more sales podcasts?

If you’re looking for a podcast that applies to your niche, industry, issue, or role, try being more specific with your search. Podcasts about pipeline management, podcasts about selling software, or podcasts about improving your cold calling are just some examples of niche searches you can perform to find a podcast that meets your needs.


What are the best sales podcasts?

This list presents some of the top sales podcasts available today. Each podcast has a unique approach to applying sales wisdom, providing advice, or discussing strategies that are helpful for different types of sellers. Which podcast is “the best” will depend on your specific needs and goals, so listen to a few episodes from a range of different podcasts until you find your favorite one.


How Can I Become a Podcast Guest?

If you’re interested in sharing your sales knowledge and unique experience on a sales podcast, find a show that shares your values and mission.


Then, create a short, compelling bio that features your most impressive accomplishments, qualifications, and some unique points that tell your story. Lastly, write a well-thought-out email and submit it to the show’s host through email or their podcast website.


If selected, be prepared to share your story and answer some questions about yourself and your business, and remember to have fun!

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