LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a valuable resource for any salesperson because of its ability to create a highly targeted search using numerous criteria. Also, the tool allows the user to reach out to the leads in multiple ways. No wonder it boosts the conversion and helps build rapport for the businesses. 


If you plan to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to smoothen the sales process but are unsure about its pricing, we are here to help you. 


To begin with, LinkedIn Sales Navigator supports three premium plans:


  • Sales Navigator Core: $99.99 per user per month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: $159.99 per user per month
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Available upon request


If you go for an annual subscription to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the price drops by 25%. Finally, the revised price looks like this:


  • Sales Navigator Core: $79.99 per user per month; billed $959.88 annually
  • Sales Navigator Advanced: $108.33 per user per month; billed $1300.00 annually
  • Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Available upon request


Now that we know the pricing of different plans for the Sales Navigator, let us analyze all the packages to help you choose the best plan for you and your team. We will start with the basic plan, which is Sales Navigator Core.


Sales Navigator Core Features


Starting with a price of $79.99 per user per month, Sales Navigator Core is the basic premium plan that gives access to LinkedIn subscriptions and LinkedIn Learning. It is also helpful for job seekers. 


Also, it provides the users with extended network access that includes features like saved searches and unlimited searches. You can also use this access to see who viewed your profile in the last three months. 


The InMail reach of Sales Navigator Core is 50 messages in a month. The plan also supports the most valuable features of Sales Navigator: advanced search and sales spotlight that help find the right people. 


You can use the core plan to prioritize and qualify leads with leads, account recommendations, and sales preferences. Furthermore, you can keep track of the companies and people through saved leads and accounts, custom lists, notes, and alerts. 


Additionally, you can integrate your Sales Navigator Core plan with other sales tools like the Sales Navigator mobile app and Outlook web integration. 


Sales Navigator Advanced Features 


Apart from offering all the Sales Navigator Core plan features, the Advanced Plans obviously support additional features. Firstly, it includes support for SNAP integration in its sales tool. Secondly, it offers interest alerts to the users. 


Also, if you have a Sales Navigator Advanced plan, you can use either TeamLink or TeamLink Extend to engage with the prospects using the team’s network. With the help of Smart Links, you can engage in advanced outreach through content packaging and engagement tracking. 


One of the essential features of the Sales Navigator Advanced plan is its administrative tools and reporting that gives access to the account center and usage reporting. Lastly, it supports SSO and Employee Data Integration as a part of its Enterprise tools. 


Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Features 


When you buy the Advanced Plus plan, you can lay your hands on all the features of Sales Navigator. Apart from supporting the features of the previous plans, it provides the users with other helpful features. However, these features mostly revolve around CRM. 


Firstly, Sales Navigator Advanced Plus supports CRM sync, including active writeback, auto-save, and ROI reporting for Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales and Salesforce. 


You can use its advanced CRM integrations for data validation and contact creation.


Do We Really Need Premium To Access Sales Navigator?


If you want to access Sales Navigator for a short time, you do not need to go for a premium plan. Are you wondering why?


It is because Sales Navigator allows you to start a free trial and request a demo. So, if you want to access Sales Navigator before buying a plan, you do not need any premium. However, if you want to use the tool for the long run, then there is no option other than buying it. 


Sales Navigator Free Trial 


Let us now focus on how you can start a trial on Sales Navigator. To begin with, you can only start a trial for either the Core or Advanced plan of Sales Navigator. If you want to try the Advanced Plus plan of Sales Navigator, you will have to request a demo. 


The trial period for Sales Navigator Core and Sales Navigator Advanced is one month. You can cancel this trial whenever you want. Also, LinkedIn will send you a reminder a week before the trial ends. 


You will need to provide your credit card details to begin the trial. During the trial, you can cancel the plan anytime from the Settings page. However, if you do not cancel the plan, you will be charged either a monthly or annual subscription based on your chosen billion options. 


Remember that when you cancel a plan, you will only lose the premium features at the end of the billing cycle and not immediately when you cancel it. Therefore, keep using the premium features as long as possible, even after canceling the plan. 


To request a demo of the Sales Navigator Advanced Plan, you need to fill in a simple form that requires you to provide basic information like your name, company, email, phone number, control, and role in the company. 


After having this information, a LinkedIn sales specialist will contact you for a demo. 


Conditions For Sales Navigator Free Trial


Not everyone can avail the free trial of Sales Navigator. A person who wants to go for a free trial of the software should not be a part of any paid subscription plan on LinkedIn. The second and last condition is that you must not have taken any LinkedIn free trials for the last 365 days. 


You can only start a free trial by providing your credit card information when you meet these conditions. 


Which Sales Navigator Premium Plan Should You Opt For?


The plan that you should buy depends upon your requirements. However, here is a basic guideline for choosing the right plan. 


If you are an individual user who wants to use Sales Navigator to close more deals, then the Core plan will suffice your requirement. Choose the Advanced Plan if you’re going to use the tool for the entire sales team to harness the shared network power for building client relationships. Lastly, the Sales Navigator Advanced Plus plan can help expand the company’s network. Therefore, Advanced Plus is a suitable plan for the entire sales organization. 


If you are still confused about the plan you should buy, opt for a free trial or demo. It will give you the clarity of the premium plan that will fetch you the best investment.

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