Lead generation for a B2B often starts with LinkedIn. After all, it is a platform with a professional database that gives rich data needed for lead generation. 


With more than 830 million LinkedIn users spread across 200 countries, it is a treasure house of data. However, manually going through this data is impossible. It is when LinkedIn scraping comes into the picture. 


What Is LinkedIn Scraping?


It is an automated process where with a LinkedIn scraper, you can find the best leads on an automated basis. It quickens the entire lead generation process. 


Scraping with the right tool saves both time and effort. It gives you a list of all the potential leads. In addition, it enriches the information further with all the details needed to contact the lead. 


Scraping LinkedIn is the first step in lead generation for a business. With the list of potential leads, conducting outreach campaigns is relatively easier. It provides you with information like:


  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • Job titles 
  • Skills 
  • Awards 


The amount of data you can gather through LinkedIn scraping depends on the extension or tool you are using. 


How To Use A LinkedIn Scraper?


Different LinkedIn scrapers need to be used differently. However, almost all scrapers require the basic three steps to start with scraping. 


1. Create an account 


Irrespective of the LinkedIn scraper you are using, you will have to create an account in the platform. We recommend you go for a trial version of the LinkedIn scraper before you purchase a plan. 


Using multiple LinkedIn scrapers to choose your best fit is a good idea. Most of the LinkedIn scrapers have a free trial plan. Always opt for it, try different scrapers and settle for the one that gives the maximum ROI. 


2. Choose the scraping configuration


The second step is all about choosing the data you want with the help of the tool. You can select the information you want to scrap and begin the LinkedIn scraping process. 


If you belong to a non-technical background, you can go for LinkedIn scrapers that do not require any coding knowledge. After opting for the scraping configuration that works for you, you can begin the the process


3. Download the result 


LinkedIn scraping gives you a mountain of raw data. You can download this data in formats like API, Excel and CSV. After organising the list, you can start contacting the lists. 


With these three steps, you can use almost any LinkedIn scraper. 


Top 5 LinkedIn Scraper


The market is flooded with many LinkedIn scrapers because it is prevalent amongst the business for generating leads. Choosing the best option can be very confusing. However, you do not need to worry about yourself because we have you covered. Here is the list of the top five LinkedIn scrapers. 


1. Octoparse 


Octoparse is an extremely easy-to-use LinkedIn scraper that does not need any kind of coding. It automates the LinkedIn scraping process and frees you to focus on more critical tasks.


You also have the option to schedule scraping on this platform. You can use this feature to scrape the data at any hour, week or specific time. We recommend using this feature during the off-peak hours for maximum benefit. 


Many times LinkedIn scraping can get you blocked. Sending a request every few seconds puts you on the radar. However, Octoparse has a solution for it too. The tool supports IP Rotation, preventing your IP address from getting blocked even when the request demand is high. 


2. Waalaxy 


You can use Waalaxy to contact 100 prospects daily by spending ten minutes a day. Again, this platform allows you to scrape LinkedIn without any technical skills. 


You can create automated sequences on this platform to automatically send invitations and messages to all the potential leads. It also gives you the option of combining LinkedIn and emailing. You can use the platform to send cold emails to prospects. 


It is no secret that successful sales often require plenty of follow-ups. Waalaxy understands this and engages in automatic follow-ups with the leads. It not only helps you to generate leads but also ensures that you close as many deals as possible.


3. Lyne 


This powerful tool allows you to scrape hundreds of email addresses from LinkedIn with just a click. With Lyne, you can say goodbye to stale data and welcome the freshest prospect data. This feature alone is compelling, considering that you can be sure you have the correct information. 


After identifying the prospect, Lyne also lets you personalise the emails you want to send to the leads. It further supports the chrome extension, which allows you to scrape LinkedIn with a single click. 


The tool is 100% cloud-based. You do not always need to keep the platform open to engage in scraping. Even if you close the platform, you will receive a notification stating that the LinkedIn scraping is completed. 


4. Scraping Bot

You can use Scraping Bot to collect LinkedIn data from company profiles, profile pages and even posts. It ensures that you have the data that you want without getting blocked. 


The different kinds of information you can house through Scraping Bot are URL, name, possession, current job, education details, experience, certifications, courses and much more. With such rich data, identifying the right lead is a cakewalk. 


5. LinkedHelper


The name alone of this tool throws light on the fact that it is specially designed to generate leads from LinkedIn. With LinkedHelper, it is possible to scrape almost all kinds of data, including emails and phone numbers. 


It further allows you to build funnels. It sends automated messages on your behalf to ensure it. Additionally, the user can send personalised messages to the first contact. 


You can also manage the entire workflow from following a lead to endorsing your product and services throughLinkedHelper. In short, LinkedHelper is the perfect tool to find clients and convert them to loyal customers for your brand. 


LinkedIn scraper makes scraping the data very easy. All you need to do is initiate the process and it will automatically begin collecting data. However, it needs to be noted that collecting the data is not enough. 


The key to generate a successful lead lies in making the data work for you. It is only when you know how to leverage the data that you have, you can get the maximum returns from the LinkedIn scraper. Therefore, your first focus should be on collecting data from LinkedIn through LinkedIn scraper and then leveraging the data to contact your ideal customers.

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